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  • seethelong seethelong Apr 16, 2013 8:57 AM Flag


    in my dictionary the definition is ballcoach. no short or longterm interest on the stock yet.....posting on the board everyday (weekends included) and every night. look through the posts days and times you will see i am correct. these posts dont begin to point out his obscession with tesla. if you post anything about him or his post, he will respond within 2 hrs day or night. the stamina is unbelievable. yet no investment involved. why? why? am i obscessed with tesla, yes but i do have an investment in the company.

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    • Bump to point out that ballcoach has been posting here for YEARS too. Point I'm trying to make..

      "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
      -Albert Einstein

    • It occurred to me that ballcoach is possibly a paid industry expert that is used by the shorts as a consultant and has influenced their costly investment decision to short Tesla? THAT would explain everything we all have noticed.

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    • ballcoach works (or worked) in the finance department at an Infiniti dealership in Florida. He's part of the old guard that fears disruptive change in the automotive business that Tesla is bringing. You wonder why NADA is suing Tesla everywhere, it's for guys like him that need to protect the established way of doing things.

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      • Infiniti dealership huh? Hmm..
        Either way I think we all understand that he is trying to stop Tesla from putting him out of business. It's just sad that he thinks posting here is really going to do anything. I don't think he realizes he comes across as worried, which means Tesla is doing something right.

    • The funny thing is he will never actually say why he does waste so much time here. Even a simple, "I find it entertaining" response would be fine. He is always arguing too. All of his posts have a very angry or #$%$ off tone to them. Maybe this is his way of venting? It is ironic though how as much as he hates Tesla, he seems to be obsessed with them. I don't like FB but I don't spend hours on the site or message board. Makes no sense..

    • I am sure he has his reasons. Regardless, we got to respect his First Amendment Rights. Anyway, the more naysayers we got, the more short interest, the better it is for Tesla. For starters, the shares have been quite cheap until a few months ago.

    • he claims to have experience that would make him quite old. its sad that he wastes whatever time he has left monitoring the board. it must be a lonely life with his only reward that he interacts on this board. nobody can claim to know with certainty whether this company ultimately thrives, survives or dies. what i can say is that ballcoach will have nothing to do with it by posting on this board. how sad that he will come to recognize this

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