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  • oldtimer2013 oldtimer2013 May 1, 2013 9:22 PM Flag

    @ballcoach. Perhaps I should kick you out of this board RIGHT NOW ....

    You asked me to re-post your words about Chrysler "should" be bankrupt in the 80's.

    You want to bet? If I can, you disappear.

    If I cannot, I disappear. What say you, MORON?

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    • @ballcoach

      SO F$%#@&* WHAT????

      Since you ask, let me tell you. Listen carefully now:

      1. No sane person here gives a F$%#@&* about your 30 years of car salesman experience. No one. It is hard to accept but it is a fact.

      2. Why? Because you live in the past and we look to the future. The bankrupt Chrysler and Iacocca are part of history and should remain exactly that. Tesla and Musk are the future.

      3. Why Tesla and Musk? Your only point against Tesla is that it is low on cash and it has been losing money (up to the last reported quarter). What you don't know is, and I don't think a sales guy will ever understand, the stock market LOOKS TO THE FUTURE. Apple Inc. is reporting more than $40 billion of net profits in a year and has over $140 billion of CASH, with tons of cash flow to come in. Based on your naïve thinking, Apple should be trading at $1,000 right now. The fact is, we are seeing the opposite. Apple has fallen more than 35% from just a short 8 months ago. Meanwhile, Tesla is at all-time high levels. What does that tell you? Shareholders look for INNOVATION, and cash on hand right now.

      4. Now, get a Finance 101 book and learn how to do a DCF model. Do one for Apple and do one for Tesla. Then, come back and tell us your results.

      5. Oh, why did other people keep picking on you? Is it because you are on old fart? No. Because you did not skip any chance to insult people. You insulted others who thought Chrysler as bankrupt in the 80's as idiots. I quoted you saying the exact same thing and you insulted me and called me a moron. I called your bluff and you did not have the backbone to take the bet.

      At least, you now acknowledge you are wrong. The news is, YOU ARE ALWAYS WRONG. It is just so clean cut this time that I caught you red handed.

      Stay away from the computer and go sell some cars. Living in the past is okay but there is no reason to insult others who dare to innovate (or choose to believe in the future ....).

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      • Oldtimer, why would I even consider doing a DCF for Tesla??? Like a forecast, the DCF is the same. Guys like Kenn do this all the time: Garbage in, garbage out! A DCF will end up wherever you wish unless/until REAL results upset the apple cart.

        the stock market looks to the future? Oh, that explains it! No wonder you're all making the trip to Fantasyland together?

        5. Chrysler was NOT bankrupt in 1980. And Cobra IS an idiot. And you ARE a moron. You called my bluff??? LOL! I didn't remember saying it. So what?? What violation did I commit? Parsing words is wha you do. Your history on the board spell it out. Plus, check your OWN insults. Didn't take you very long either.

      • HaHa. Show us your DCF. Not the realistic one that shows a NPV of $4/share, but the other one. The one that shows a NPV of$300/share. And include your assumptions if you have any...

      • BTW, I saw a Merceds E420 two days ago in my town. Black on black, live and kicking. @ballcoach, remember that, you were wrong on that one too. As usual, the whole thing started when you insulted @see when he just casually talked about the cars he owned before.

        See, you are ALWAYS WRONG. And, you ALWAYS insult other people.

    • I just found the post and I did say "should". I'm sorry. What's more........ SO F$%#@&* WHAT????

      My initial point was the Loan Guarantee program was NOT a government loan! Cobra said it was government money, which it WAS NOT! It was a bunch of loans through private banks totaling $1.5 billion that the government guaranteed. Chrysler pledged all assets to the Fed which meant if Chrysler went under, The Fed seizes all assets. Iacocca repaid the loans 7, SEVEN years ahead of schedule, BTW. The US Government actually MADE $300 million on the entire thing after selling back stock to Chrysler.

      I would know a bit about this as I was working for Chrysler at the time of the Loan Guarantee passage.

      You know, you jerkwads spend so much time parsing words instead of making at least a feeble attempt to understand the auto business. If ANY of you had taken the time to at least dialogue with me or others up front rather than sling insults, you might have learned something. Didn't happen. So all you're left with is trying to make ridiculous bets about a word in a sentence! Big friggin' deal!

    • Hate to say it but he will never leave. He's said it himself. This message board is his drug. He just loves to try to argue and debate because in his mind he wins everytime and that's how he gets his high.

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      • delusion is what he has

      • Oh, and you're correct, Camk7. I DO win every, single auto debate because I'm debating with children. You guys don't have a clue about the business. Calling me names and insulting me doesn't prove you right either. It simply confirms you're a child.

        It's been like this almost from day one! I'd say something about the business and one of you would call me a dinosaur, or say I'm stupid, or I don't get it. Then, when I'd try again to explain myself, the insults kept coming, even about my wife! But, hey! You guys are educated! You're gentlemen "investors"! No, you're just kids puffing your own chest while hiding behind a computer. Aside from me, which one of you has grown the balls to actually reveal his real name, phone numbers, email address? Which one of you? Nah! As a defense mechanism, you'll all now insult me for being stupid by revealing myself. Well, I have nothing to hide. In fact, expect for Rip, not a single one of you has ventured to call or email me in well over a year! Who's the stupid one here? Certainly not me.

    • Hiding. That's what I thought.

      From now on, you address me as SIR old timer. When I speak, you listen.

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