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  • creephhi creephhi May 21, 2013 12:50 PM Flag

    Anyone check out the Tesla owners forums???

    Seems there is a problem with the 12 volt battery of all things.....LOL. It's a new car etc. so I go through the forums looking for a theme in what went wrong, that 12 volt battery problem keeps coming up.

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    • The 12v battery in my Model S threw an error code a week ago when I started the car up in the morning to go to work. Car started and drove fine, no issues, just an error message on the dash. I called service and they had a tech out to my office 2 hours later to swap out the 12v battery. Cost me $0. With my past Audi's and BMW's I always had to take the car to them when it had a problem. What a pain. Not here. Awesome service.

      Also, yes you can "jump" start the Model S in the event of a dead 12v battery. There are 12v terminals behind the plastic front nose cone (it pops off pretty easily).

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    • I read a decent amount about this issue. During the conference call Elon stated "The sudden rash of issues with the 12v was due to Tesla ordering from an American company who outsourced the production to a Chinese company who then outsourced the production to a Vietnamese company which led to a substandard battery. They have since discovered and addressed the issue." They also added internal Quality checks of the 12v system to make sure new cars don't have this issue.

      I also think Tesla needs to redesign the access to the 12v system. My understanding is that its needed to monitor the cars status when off and also help manage the car when it goes into Sleep mode which minimizes the cars energy lose. Although they could use a DC / DC converter off the cars Li Battery, it's likely better to Decouple those systems for a variety of reasons. I would guess that Tesla will provide a way to "Jump" the 12 Volt system like a traditional car in the event a persons battery goes dead. Although a good strong 12v battery should last a looong time.

      It's an issue, but they have options/solutions in place. In my opinion some of these are to be expected. Major unforseen issues is 1 of the biggest risk to Tesla. The EV has advantages over ICE given much fewer mechanical moving parts, but Tesla is also much smaller and less equiped to handle modest recalls.

      I think if an investor is long they should check those type things on the TMC page just to keep an eye out for any trend like that.

    • battery problems, watch out for the recall. LOL

      If that's the worst problem of the Model better buy this stock!

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      • The 12V problem leaves the car dead and unable to be driven any where, I consider that a big issue but apparently the problem has been found. There are other little issues popping up but most are minor and to be expected with a brand new car from a small company.

        It is a good idea to watch what problems come up along the way another issue I was seeing was too many people at the superchargers in California. People plug their Tesla in and leave while it charges and some people are having issues over lines etc.

        There will be problems as more Model S's get out there in the wild not that big of a deal but you blindly have faith in Tesla who knows what is right around the corner with their main product????

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      • OMG, Battery is everything in this Car.. what a stupid comment

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