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  • ddeboy May 24, 2013 6:02 PM Flag

    Annoucement Tuesday night or Wednesday?

    Maybe Friday but that would seriously surprise me.

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    • News will be Wednesday after hours is my guess.

      Keep people in suspense on Tuesday and let it fly from there.

      Judging from the buying volume over the past two days, if the news takes an unexpected twist (strategic partnership?), we will blow past 100 easy.

      Triple digits brings new eyes. New eyes bring new buys.

    • Wed or Thurs is my guess. He won't do it Mon or Tues because after today's close, he wants all of us shorts to sweat that it might be Tues AM. It will dip Tues, causing trader shorts to jump in on downward momentum and start going blah blah blah on CNBC "We told you so!" and then he will unleash his tweet to make them look stupid.

      I am short, but I have started assuming Musk will do whatever would be the most inconvenient thing he could do given he has an axe to grind. So if we do see a dip on Tues, I will likely cover and take profits.

      Oddly, if he did it Tues AM, that would leave TSLA with no news flow for over a a way, that could be interesting for me. The threat of the tweet is more powerful than the actual tweet is what I am saying.

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      • i bet this huge bubble will burst next week after news.
        there are a lot of reasons to bet to falling pps.
        the company has too high expenses and even they produce more of this expensive cars the profit or better the eps will be negative.
        the EXPECTED news of a supercharger is already inpriced and there will not be a shortsquezze again what means next week-sell on news.
        the expected news is the reason that this bubble still here at this level and also i guess that news will not be good.reason-postponed 2 times.why??solution is simple-first the offer and second institutions can sell while longs are dreaming to be rich next week.
        if longs really thinking shorts are stupid they will be wrong.
        i will load up my boat next week with short shares.

      • He'll probably tweet the time for the announcement, and include a teaser phrase that suggests but doesn't say anything explicitly. Tweet Tue am, announcement Wed pm, something like that to mess with May shorts. What's the most important thing is comedy? Timing. Same with marketing. And investing. And screwing shorts. I think he'd love to jack it up over 120, if only for a bit. It wouldn't break my heart, either.

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