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  • iamagod991 iamagod991 May 27, 2013 1:15 PM Flag

    90% of the county can't drive a TSLA car

    ya know that massive part know as the mid-west can not use a TSLA.

    But I guess you got the Liberal niche cities who want to look cool as they drive to a democratic fundraising dinner.


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    • The liberal niche cities have a whole lot of people and a large target market.

    • Look. If you are going to a Democratic fundraiser you already ARE cool - no need to pout like a non-innovative, naysayer, partyof "NO", stick up the #$%$ Good Ol Petroleum laggard because you cannot comprehend.

    • It's why short sited people like yourself never make any money.

      Tesla and Solar City is going to make billions building an infrastructure of charging stations across this country and around the world.

      They are going to be in every Walmart Parking lot and fast food restaurant across this country. Imagine pulling into McDonald's, Pulling into a parking stall reserved for electric cars, swiping your credit card and hook your car up to the car charging station.

      You go into McDonald's get yourself something to eat, when you come out your car will be charged.

      In the future when you walk out of McDonald's after feasting off the dollar menu and you see these car charging stations. Remember when you was laughing at us stupid investors.

      This is going to be a game changer and Tesla is the first into the market place. In 10 years everybody else is going to be playing catch up to this car company.

      You can laugh at me all you want, I had vision in this company and bought in at $29 per stock. I look at that investment and I already have over a 200% ROI.

      Another thing, only morons laugh at their own jokes.

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      • it is absolutely naive to thinking that tsla can produce millions of their expensive cars with a nonexisting infrastructure.
        tsla must build a infrastructure first and the costs are billions or trillions of $.
        tsla dont has this money what means more doubt more offers and more share dilution.
        thats the reason that tsla never will get profit in the next years and this absolute expensive bubble burst in the next days.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • "Tesla and Solar City is going to make billions building an infrastructure of charging stations across this country and around the world"

        you are a funny guy.
        they need billions maybe trillions of $ to build charging stations.
        tell me where the money would come from???
        tsla produce cars with negative eps what means expenses are higher than the sell price.
        new offers more share dilution????

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • 38 million out of 305 million 314 million live in California alone. That would be...wait for it....more than 10% of the U.S. population in just the #1 car state alone. You're poor math skills are just one reason you'll continue to lose money on tsla-and have missed a 3-4 bagger over the last year.

      I'm no Liberal but in fact a Republican who supports Tesla because it uses 100% domestic energy which supports U.S. jobs, reduces oil imports, improves our trade balance etc. You being on the other side of that would make you a (insert anti-American adjective here). Congratulations on being on the same side as Putin, ahmadinejad, Bin Laden, al-Qaeda...

      Oops, forgot something: lmao. Make that LMAO.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I do know in the NorthEast US that owners are putting 240 outlets on their houses where others can charge up if they need to. I just think that is cool. They then post their address on Tesla's tech site so other can see if they need a quick 1/2 charge they can use your house. This will make the infrastructure even easier. I think E will offer a discounted price if the early buyers agree to allow other to charge at their house. Major infra help. 2500.00 discount and free installation would be really really cool.

    • curt.renz May 27, 2013 1:34 PM Flag

      There are plenty of Model S's here in Chicagoland. Normally an owner only needs to top off the few miles driven during a day by plugging the car into an electrical outlet in his home garage overnight. Those who can afford a Model S can afford to fly for longer trips. Nevertheless, Supercharger stations will soon bridge the country. Musk plans a related announcement this week.

      If you want to associate vehicle choices or investment decisions with particular political parties or philosophies, you may be setting yourself up for financial ruin.

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