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  • prc_1983 prc_1983 Jun 10, 2013 8:47 AM Flag

    Funny, article is based on NOTHING

    No facts, no real data, not even a speculation....ONLY a word.....UNLESS...I don't buy that man...If the author wants to say this negative thing, he has to wait until the earning comes out in August with the real data from the report....Not from your mouth saying" UNLESS." I myself believe this TSLA may hit 150 by early August...who knows...there are lots of TSLA shorties and they might even be the one to push this pass beyond 150, don't you think !!!

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    • I recommend everyone who is thinking of investing to go do their own research. Go to YouTube and type in "Model S" and read the reviews of owners and car mags. There is NOT one major bad thing said about the car. Go look at the National Geographic video too. All is available to see on YouTube. Quit listening to these idiots that are trying to force the price down because they shorted the stock. It may be high until you start thinking about how many cars Tesla could produce and then you realize the stock is cheap. The show that was put together by National Geographic made an important point that the "shorties" keep saying that Tesla doesn't have the capacity when in fact they do in the current factory.

    • Yeah but problem is most traders don't like negative publicity and will sell at any cost. The only thing you can do is either sell with them or wait it out and take advantage of the panic selling.

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