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  • mrsaeid6 mrsaeid6 Jun 11, 2013 9:51 AM Flag

    Only an idiot pays $70,000 for an electric car

    You can buya Porsche Cayenne or a nice BMW

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    • I would submit that if you have 70k to blow on a car that makes you a winner not an idiot
      -- sounds like sour grapes from you

    • 70k is fine. The price of the stock, however, isn't.

    • must be a lot of idiots with 70k in their pockets..

    • I have a 635 and an XKE and I'd sure like to have a Tesla - but I wanted the stock more.

    • Did you ever drive a Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and compare with a Model S? I don't even like the dealers, with Porsche, everything is extra. Even with warranty and maintenance contract the dealers are always sticking with "extras". Plus, they are arrogant. Model S can be ordered via the internet and they deliver to the door. Don't have to worry about getting it serviced. No waking up with empty tank. It costs less than $10 to fill up at home. Makes most of the out of town trips. Superchargers are coming and they are free! No oil, filter, changes, no muffler issues, etc. Brakes last forever, almost. I am getting mine with regular tires and they last 40,000 miles.

      Model S drives very nice. Hardly any noise. Great acceleration. GPS, music, electronics are the best, no need to read the book. Mercedes, BMW, Toyota got a few hundred pages of manuals.

      Try the Model S before you knock it down. That is what happened to the shorts. They shorted the stock before test driving the car, visiting the factory, etc. No wonder they got spanked.

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      • Ajitmd, do you really believe charging is free? Really?

        It's a lark, pal. Because the Power companies haven't yet figured out a way to legalize the charge. but it's coming and it will be MORE than you currently pay for electricity.

        Oh, and tires? Do you have any factual evidence guaranteeing tires will last for 40,000 miles? Didn't think so. Reality is there is no guarantee, Ajitmd. tires could wear at 15,000 miles or 60,000. And normal wear-and-tear is covered nowhere in any warranties. If you think it is, please provide a link spelling it out. can you do that?

      • ajitmd you are dead on about Porsche. I've looked at their "options" list..... Holy #$%$ that is complicated. Ive never seen such a nightmare list to choose from. I love Porsche's, but wow you have to really want that car to go through the list.

        Our local BMW, Porsche, Jag dealer seems like a decent honest business, but still very expensive if you need anywork at all. A basic alignment on my car is $190, battery change $380 for a BMW.

        I think and hope Tesla sees that and realizes some people can and want a high end car without feeling like we get Fleeced every visit to the dealer.

    • Or an electric BMW!

    • Well there must be a lot of idiots in the world because Tesla S is outselling the BMW 7 Series, Audi A8 and Mercedes. When Tesla comes out with its compact sedan that competes directly with the 3-series in 2015 in the price $30-40k price range i'll be one of the first people in line.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • How did the idiot be smart enough to make the money to spend $100,000 fir de car.

    • Have you ever driven or been in a Model S...? I have a nice BMW 335 Conv. I love my car, but after having driven a Model S if I were in the market for a new 535 or 7 Series, I'd buy the Model S instead. It's faster, smoother and has an amazing user interface.

      Plus it's made in the US and I expect technology improvements in the battery will give it greater range in time. Personally 250 miles on any given day is PLENTY of range and for those occasional longer trips the SC Network will be fine.

      Although I think BMW makes a great car the reality is when anything goes wrong it's expensive at the dealer. They are a reliable car, but I suspect with time the EV will have greater reliability assuming they have engineered and tested the battery unit correctly. DC Electric motors have a duty cycle life that crushes an ICE and Transmission.

      I get the car is expensive, but I applaud Tesla for taking a chance and think it's kind of a sad commentary that the traditional auto industry is so unwilling to take a chance and do something bold. The Volt, Leaf, EV Focus, Hybrids are NOT BOLD. They are all "compromise" cars that try to do a little of everything, but excell at nothing.

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      • easy - Tesla uses an AC induction motor that is controlled with an inverter. The basic design was invented by Nikolas Tesla. No brushes or commutators. DC motor use heavy rare earth magnet mostly from China... and many use brushes that wear out. The motor that Tesla uses is about the size of a watermelon and produces up to 416 BHP. Only gas turbines do better.

      • I would NOT race a Tesla with my 335i because I'd lose. Similarly, I never race a corvette... Especially Z06 or ZR1 another of America's finest performance "Street Legal" Race cars. I'm not a Vette fan, but I totally respect what they can do and how the represent US performance.

    • On the other hand, idiots rule the world! Get on board with the idiots, it's the way of the future.

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