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  • fiatisprison fiatisprison Jun 14, 2013 11:49 AM Flag

    Is TSLA a cult religion?

    So many of the people commenting here think TSLA can do no wrong, completely ignoring any sound arguments the other side may have. You are blinded by Elon... who will laugh his #$%$ off while you bag holders watch the stock go to $50.

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    • Yes there is some truth to this. There are many who invest in this company because they support any serious move to alternate energy. I guess you might characterize that support somewhat like a cult.

      But there are as many Tesla detractors who believe in the slogan "drill baby drill" and abhor anything green. They too are like a cult. And many of them are clearly routing for this company to fail and it's not solely for investment reasons. They harbor a deep rooted animosity for any changes to our carbon based industries.

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      • " many of them are clearly routing for this company to fail"

        It's not clear who in "Big oil" is rooting for TSLA to fail. tesla doesn't magically run on nothing: you still need electricity. And where is that electricity coming from?

        The big threat to "carbon-based industries" isn't tesla. It's the viability of a grid that runs purely on alternative energy and the viability of a military that can use alternative energy for their vehicles.

        The natural gas and coal guys don't care if tesla wins and NG cars fail, so long as the grid still uses natural gas and coal energy plants. And the oil and gasoline guys don't care if they lose the entire US consumer market so long as the military still uses tanks and planes fueled by oil and gasoline and other crude byproducts.

        Tesla isn't really moving the bar on fronts that would matter to those industries, so unless they are in it for the lulz it's not clear why they would want tesla to fail or succeed

    • You are one cynical and a bitter person, who I suspect have more resentment than friends. OR you're just one very cunning and manipulative short who would devise any argument to cast doubts and fear to achieve your end. But you're too late, because, Model S is a success. I think this car will sell more in coming years not only as an Electric Car but also as a luxury car competing with best luxury car in the world.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It is not a cult! We are saving the world by offering a non-polluting alternative.

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      • I hear space X in collaboration w Tesla and NASA are putting together a low cost electric space vehicle. This will revolutionize interplanetary commutes to a place TSLA lemmings cant return from.
        Meanwhile so called "Green EVs" are helping fund coal burning electric plants simply moving the carbon foot print at the expense of tax payers. NOT GREEN Al Gore hoax and $ grab

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Actually, I think the exact opposite. I think Musk would work hard to re-affirm shareholder value. After all, didn't he just purchase a boatload of shares in the low 90s?

    • We know what happens to follower of cult leaders when whey they go wayward. Waco, Johnstown, Pune, Tehran, Maomar Gaddafi

    • scumbag_cyber_terrorist scumbag_cyber_terrorist Jun 14, 2013 9:31 PM Flag

      Yes, its a cult. .... and the first clue is that the zombies get riled up if you say anything negative about Elon!

    • It will go down to 50 soon or later. musk has problem to sell Tesla car. I went to one of Tsla car show room and saw sale persons tried to impress the cars with people but they looked at the car and walked away. THERE WERE NO SALE.

    • and I laughed when this stock went from 35- over 100 aha whewww that was a great laugh ..but wait hold up yesterday I saw couple shorts saying they shorted at 95 where are they now?

    • Have you ever started a company? I doubt it because there are always growing pains. Now that I think about why do you care what I do with my money. Because you shorted this stock you want me to sell my shares. Are you kidding? I believe in the future of the electric car and for that reason I'm staying the course. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to get rid of a car to use as a down payment for the Model S.

    • Fiat, good luck trying to slay an zombies. It's an impossible task. They just keep coming. Probable won't die off until this thing hits 50.

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