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  • okulawd okulawd Jun 20, 2013 11:52 AM Flag

    Whoever thinks battery swapping is a clever idea, please raise your hand.

    Bud and Maddess, that's two. Anyone else?

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    • I long on Tesla and obviously very happy today. But Battery swapping and rear facing seats are not good ideas.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • We swap batteries in ICE car everyday, don't we? Would you buy an ICE car if you cannot swap the battery out?

    • Okulawd, do you think anything about tesla and Musk is a good idea? why do you waste your time thinking about this company ? you live in parallel universe man.

    • Be realistic. If a charge/swap station is in your proximity, great. Otherwise, what use is it!

    • etr8der Jun 21, 2013 10:00 AM Flag

      I think it's a brilliant idea, and solves a lot of the "range anxiety" issues. Economically though, I'm not sure someone would want to be on the owning end of one of the changing stations given the very high capital requirements. I also think that people will be rather protective of their batteries and will probably opt for a supercharge rather than get one that's been depleted. With 50 batteries on hand, how many do you need to keep swapping to make money as an owner? You get $50 per swap and only 50 on hand, that's $2,500 per day assuming you use all 50 up in a day. A more realistic figure would probably be 1 or 2 per day. The charging station costs at least $500,000 to build, plus land/leasing costs, etc. makes the economic case very hard to digest, unless there was some federal subsidy to make it worth my while to take that risk. And even then, no business that relies on tax subisidies to make money is ever really a good idea.

      The concept of battery swapping is a fantastic idea. The economics of it are just hard to justify.

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      • 50 would not be the max swap a day, unless you had to stockpile all the "owner" batteries. If it takes 60 min to fully charge a battery then the max you would need would be 60/1.5 = 40 (plus a few for spares) to run 24/7 always changing and charging. You could do 24*60/1.5 = 960 a day, with 50 batteries in the changer.

    • It's brilliant

    • Automated (24hrs/day), 90 sec. Set up cost + a few batteries. Not bad. Probabally less expensive than whatever tech needed to do a 90 sec. charge at this time. Should be a temporary solution, but it will be NOW, and not the forever 10 years out that everyone always promisses.

      Now why would you ever need a 85kwh battery if you can get a 90sec swap or a 20min charge at stations all over your route. Why would you buy any other electric than Tesla?

    • It is good for a communal transit system - don't forget we're going to China and Kandi is using this system to level the grid - but it is for roller skating around town not cruising Route 66.

    • think that better place had a great idea, battery lease, but poorly executed. i'm sure elon has better plan. will see tonight. if anything, this is the beginning of the end for you dude...

    • It think that it all will depend on the pricing and locations. If the price is right it will will attract many more buyers that had hesitations previously. It addresses the needs of city dwellers.
      The Superchargers will be in place for intercity travel i.e. SF to LA. If swaps are at destination cities that would be a coup. All barriers for entry removed.

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