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  • kbodie77777 kbodie77777 Jun 24, 2013 9:30 AM Flag

    Sales down ======== cheerleaders say that is "stellar"

    Why distort the truth. Deliveries are down.

    We know Tesla sent tried to pull as many sales forward in Q1 as possible. Tesla admitted deliveries would decline in Q2. Tesla admits that Q1 profit was a fluke based on selling credits. Tesla admits that they won't be profitable in Q2.

    But the pumpers call declining sales "stellar"

    This is a stock scam.

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    • Your information is correct. Longs are brain dead like TSLA batteries.

    • try this MORON... there isn't a SINGLE TESLA IN "UNSOLD INVENTORY" and there is not likely to be for "years to come" at these "production levels"...every single TESLA made WILL BE BOUGHT BY SOMEONE SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD...

      there may even be "auctions on EBAY...


      you aint' got a "leg to stand on" you dumb short...

      and neither do the "gas-guzzler mfrs" ...BECAUSE THEY HAVE "YEARS OF GUZZLER PRODUCTION" STILL ===IN THEIR PIPELINES...

      THEY "ARE SCREWED" ...unless they CUT A DEAL WITH TESLA... and screw their buddies in BIG OIL...

      BIG GUZZLER MFR AND BIG OIL ...are between a "rock and a hard place"

      (even big wall st ABANDONED THEM...and owns most of TESLA...)

      ...whey you're FRIENDS are ONLY YOUR FRIENDS because of your "money, power...AND WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THEM...

      when YOU CEASE being CAPABLE OF making them get DUMPED ...and THEY GO WITH "NEW GUY" IN TOWN ...WHO CAN MAKE THEM MONEY...

      SO "BIG GUZZLER MFR" AND "BIG OIL" ...going down Wall St. mostly the "logic" dumdum...
      or "play with your old obsolete numbers..."


    • I am eager to test the Tesla, to see for myself if it meets expectations of the high reviews its recently received. I know a college professor and a doctor locally who put down a deposit for one. I am not sure Tesla's economy of scale makes sense though because they are such a small volume manufacturer.

    • Where do you get your information from? This is why people like to blast people like you because you just put bogus information out. Lip service with no backing up of statements.

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      • -I heard rumors of a big push at the end of Q1 so pulling orders in is a plausable scenario which would have to be made up in Q2.

        -Tesla already admitted that Q2 they were not expecting to be profitable due to greater capex.

        -I think Tesla will still get big ZEV credits for Q2 but someone with more detail on this can post a followup.

        -I don't recall a specific Q2 delivery decline statement and given all the massive exposure and free advertising as of late, I'd expect that they have a healthy queue. I'd also hope that they have optimized their processes even more since Q1 which would allow their margins to improve over Q1 as well as be able to produce more cars. But that is a guess. Regardless, analysts do not expect a Q2 profit.

    • When Elon guided for 4500 deliveries this quarter, he also stated that 500 would be en route to Europe. Now it looks like the EU shipment was delayed until July, so I would expect a minimum of 5000 NA deliveries. Then I’m seeing an extraordinary number of deliveries scheduled for 6/28, so I would throw another half week of production on top of that. My guess is that he can still get top dollar for ZEV credits right now, so it makes sense to delay the EU customers. It should be safe to make them wait. It’s not likely that the EU reservation list will evaporate like the NA one did.

    • You are the truth distorter kboobie. Tesla does not say Q1 was a "fluke." It was the beginning of the end for short sellers and tesla haters. Tesla guidance for Q2 is slight loss due to they plan on having 500 cars on the boat to Europe, so they will not be 'sold' in Q2. But that is not good news for short sellers. Q1 revenues from car sales were many times higher than ZEV credit income. Go ahead and spin it your own stupid way. You've been wrong about Tesla for years, no reason to stop now.

    • Deliveries are not down, there is no basis to make that assertion. Everything you say is based on falsity.

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