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  • opele1 opele1 Jun 28, 2013 11:21 AM Flag

    Off Topic I KNOW but do conservatives not realize health care cost were not rising prior to obamacare

    Amazes me that people think the only thing driving up healthcare cost is obamacare...not the fact that the 2 largest generation in this country are getting old and dying. Seriously healthcare cost have been on an upward trend for the last 25 years but ask any conservative or uninformed person and they think its obamacare? useful idiots

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    • US medical costs overall including the insurance system are a bit more than an unsustainable 17 1/2% US GDP and Obamacare was a response, not the cause of it. Yet the US has the lowest life expectancy among the developed Western countries. The Confederate culture area brings the average down. Mississippi has counties where the male life expectancy is well down into the sixties, well below some developing countries. That whole part of the country lives off Blue State and Texas money through Washington. But, 148 years after the Civil War it is still a distinct and dysfunctional culture area, undeveloped socially and dependent economically.

      Between medical care and the financial sector the US eats about 1/4 GDP, a phenomenal number. That portion was bought in Washington and the state capitols. We have effectively lobbyists for cancer, diabetes 2, and premature cardiac disease - most preventable. Soon Alzheimer's will be on the list. Then we have an even bigger lobby to "insure" and treat them all - the corrupt US Pay-To-Play politics.

      If the US could have an insurance system like Switzerland we would already. So we are left with the French system or the Canadian system with just a little more funding as a model. That is, Single Payer with mixed care delivery. Obamacare has a lot of stuff in it that got it passed. People like to complain about features that mirror Romneycare or Heritage Foundation ideas from the Clinton era medical care wars. Apparently a lot of that was to be dropped if it didn't work. Republicans want to maximize the expense and may block that

      AFAIK, the President wants a system like France. The US has centers of excellence, of course, such as for cancer (lucky since we have so much of it). Switzerland is the goto place for cardiac care.

      The Republican/Ryan plan sends billions to insurance companies and saves money by cutting US life expectancy. People would ideally die in net worth order.

    • What are you talking about??? My family policy has gone from about $800 a month to $1300 in the last 4 years.......All I know is my insurance has been going up at a ridiculous rate and I have looked around for other insurance policies same with every company.

    • Opele, I've been in the medical industry for over 20 years. Liberal policies have crushed the medical industry and Obamacare will be the final knife in the back. Now go back to sucking Obama's #$%$.

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      • "Liberal Policies".. Obamacare is a conservative idea. It was mostly copied from Romneycare (which was applauded by the Right). It also takes many ideas from a white paper written by the Right-Wing think tank Heritage foundation,. Also, Bob Dole proposed a similar plan when he was in congress.

        The only reason the Right opposes it is because it was presented by a democrat. Geez, the right is always preaching about self responsibility.. The mandate makes all the deadbeats buy insurance, all of this was in each of the right wing proposals I mentioned above. But when Obama proposes it , suddenly it's unconstitutional.

        Obama should have proposed single payer and took the heat. Now that would have been liberal policy. In the end he tried to compromise and still got blindsided by the GOP

      • Sounds like you have made a lot of money off it. News Flash - the amounts have become unsustainable and without commensurate results.

      • The system is nuts... got a bill for $34,000 for 3 nights in the hospital, a transfusion, and an endoscopy. "Negotiated price," for the insurance co. dropped it to $7,000. My share was $600. This means a person without insurance gets hit for $27,000 more than the insurance co. We should clean up the system top to bottom and charge the same for all! Canadien model looks great to me, Medicare for all and consistent billing fo all!

      • liberal policies like medicare are probably why most of your older relatives are still companies and for profit doctors are the ones driving up costs? oh and this little thing called demographics

    • "Useful idiots"?? The term " useful" means that it can be used to advantage; helpful, beneficial and having practical utility. The term "idiots" refer to people who are completely out of touch with reality and believe obama has any useful ideas....

    • I think you meant to say that costs WERE rising?

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