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  • wilfordbenz wilfordbenz Jul 5, 2013 11:02 AM Flag

    Counting VIN Numbers is a HUGE SCAM and it is not Accurate! STOP

    You cannot count vin numbers for sales, I know, I own over a dozen dealerships. I let my Executives drive cars, I let my top sales people drive cars, I even give my family cars to drive and all have dealer plates and at the end of the day, I count those cars as inventory but I do take them out of stock until everyone is done driving them. So, the fools counting vin numbers, I am laughing at the stupidity of you and also the dumb investment firm, Jefferies that doesn't know the car business if it slapped her in the face, that dumb broad.

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    • All irrelevant once we break those dealer rules. Just another good reason why: I always see dealers' families driving around for free in cars they don't own, joyriding like #$%$ and then putting the cars back on the lots to sell to an innocent family! Whole lot of B.$. if you ask me - just another scam - break them and break it off in them I say!

    • Wilford,
      Using the VINs is a way to estimate deliveries. It has more or less been confirmed that Tesla is now building cars for inventory so the VINs would overestimate sales.

      But don't worry they have "hundreds" of sales in Hong Kong. And the media is telling people that this matters, as if a few hundred sales was significant.

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      • Gentlemen, there seems to be a lack of critical understanding here. Here it is:

        Tesla says business is done by orders only. So I can understand when people would refer to the VIN numbers as some form of confirmation of sales when it really isn't. Many things come into play as an auto producer. There are no taxes, I believe, Tesla will incur by building inventory unsold.

        I don't find fault with Tesla building inventory vehicles. What I have a serious problem with is the total refusal to play the game like everyone else. No matter what anyone says, Tesla isn't even a pimple on the posterior of the auto industry. The company is NOT anything special. What it does it NOT special. What IS special is the amount of money Tesla has managed to lose since inception!

    • If any of that is true, do they all pay income taxes on the car use as they are supposed to ? I can't believe that was rescinded. What happens to the cars? Are they sold as lease returns? Surely they are not rewoumd? ???. Is anything funny done with those cars at tax time? Would all that be regarded as a 'normal' business practice?

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      • Once I had a Ford dealer try to sell me a Mustang with 3000 miles on it as a "new" car because I would be the first owner. I asked them about the miles and they said they loaned it out to their sales manager or some such. I told them they could pound sand; those were probably the hardest miles that car would ever see.

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    • These are 100k cars -- not for family, no sales people technically cuz Tesla doesn't have dealerships, these are not 25k chevys, 50k benzes, etc...kapeesh!

    • It's ok everyone. All the "old business" type people get scared of new technology and a new way of doing things, and they fight like hell to stop things until they realize the force is too strong. I.e. napster and the RIAA. Horses went to gas powered cars, gas powered cars are going to electric powered cars. It's the way of the road. Wilford, if you own dealerships, I would recommend selling in the near future. Dealerships, like gas powered cars, are not long for the earth. I'd suggest you cash out while you can and put your money in the growth of the future rather than fighting to keep the past with every last ounce you have. You WILL lose. It happens every single day. All across the world. Innovation will always beat out old way of thinking.

    • the way you talk doesn't seem like you own jack sheet!

    • No one is asking for your opinion since it is obviously slanted against Tesla.

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      • I am not against anyone, I am against HYPE and FALSE STATEMENTS! If Tesla told the real truth instead of the CEO sending off Tweets to pump the stock price up, I would love to see the company flourish. For the fact that the CEO has a big mouth and thinks he can take down the NADA and the Association of Dealers, including myself, he has got to be one dumb sob. We will crush him and his company within days if he keeps his strong arming and payoffs up. Tesla is nothing more than a company run by a big mouth with gay Hollywood actors buying his car.

    • You live in s dumpster and scrub Porta Potties. Fess up.

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    • The days of the "dealership" are numbered. Tesla is going to change the industry by selling direct. That is why people are having a hard time figuring out the multiple. Industry changing companies are very hard to figure out. Google has been over valued by standard accounting metrics since it went can not account for game changers....not in sports, politics, or economics....Tesla is a game changer to the automotive and fossil fuel industries.

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      • I see Google mentioned a lot as a rationale for ignoring TSLA's PE these levels. First big difference, Google had earnings when it went public. Had a PE of 133 and justified it by doubling earnings for six straight quarters. I guess we'll find out if TSLA can double earnings to .24 and continue doubling earnings quarterly for a year and a half.

    • The only inventory cars Tesla has are the 100 service loaners. So, sure, those should be accounted for out of the VIN count.

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