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  • elib2626 elib2626 Jul 17, 2013 5:48 PM Flag

    LMAO FOR SHORTS see ya at$ 140.

    Watch out now.

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    • kkkelleeyzzzjuwreetardbusterzzz kkkelleeyzzzjuwreetardbusterzzz Jul 18, 2013 3:28 PM Flag


    • kkkelleeyzzzjuwreetardbusterzzz kkkelleeyzzzjuwreetardbusterzzz Jul 18, 2013 10:19 AM Flag


    • did you put a bunch of #'s in a hat and pick one out at random and that is the "new target".

      I challenge ANY bull, ANY BULL at all to lay out a plan how TSLA can grow into it's current 50 years.


      can't happen

      The scam continues until enough inst have unloaded on retail, then they naked short it....and don't worry they won't cover until much lower

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      • 50 years is a bit beyond my sightline. Their valuation is more likely to hit in 5 years or less.
        Their production capacity is ramping up.. Orders from asia already shows demand without even one auto delivered. Eu backorders are there. This is all for the high-end product. So what happens in 2014/15 when a ,lower cost vehicle is available And the much awaited suv is on the map. (which is what I will be buying) The present administration is pro ev. By the time of the next election, any candidate will look like an idiot if they also don't support EV and solar. It will already have proven itself. Further, battery costs will be going down,..3d mfg will also cut costs. ..Between solar, ev, and 3d mfg. there is a quantum leap in our lifestyles. We are in the next generational change. From the horse and buggy to the auto. to the train to the plane, from the telegram to the telephone to the smartphone. Ask your gramma what changes she has witnessed. Ask yourself what you have witnessed. These changes used to take a couple of decades, due to internet tech, these changes are taking effect in less than 5 years. So there is my bull case. Please feel free to short .

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