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  • ahaveworkingforhavenots ahaveworkingforhavenots Jul 18, 2013 6:16 PM Flag

    need advice, im only 23 graduated from vandy and put $11.1k + 10k margin in shorting this stock @117.90

    After my investment, i only have 6k cash, 5.8k cc debt (unemployed, paying my parents bills (700/month) car insurance, 1399 for Kaplan lsat courses, 100 spent on food)Cover limit at $90. everything I learned in investment analysis taught by Cherrie Clark says to short this stock. Please god make me rich! I'll donate half to charity, maybe buy a Tesla, and love life. Please listen to GS!!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • ddeboy Jul 19, 2013 6:37 AM Flag

      This was plain dumb. You don't gamble with what you don't have. How in the world are people this dumb and college educated?!

    • you are shorting one of the most environtally and technologically promising cars in the world that its stock have potential to skyrocket and backed up by a billionaire with other companies? God bless you.

    • This thread has gotten outta control. But all real talk. Preciate the love, and the hate. Just talked to a friend at citi. He says to hold my short for at least 7 trading days....

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Let me get this straight You and your family are of limited means. You graduated from Vandy? You put all your own money short Tesla and another 10K you borrowed on margin. Quite simply, you are a fraud, or incredibly.....Well then again, you did graduate from Vandy.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Hi ahave.. This is a "story stock" decoupled from fundamentals. As such, it behaves in a fashion which supersedes whatever you have learned.
      You will likely lose most of your precious money.
      You will be able to cover Friday under your short. Cover without hesitation and say a prayer for the blessing.
      Read zuesofdow's excellent reply to you several times.
      TSLA likely heading down to 100 but don't attempt the ride.
      Trade small and survive!

      In the very possible event ahave is a come on, this advice applies to the many real ahaves out there.

    • Here's something to consider when shorting a stock like this. If the parabolic rise seems unbelievable and almost too easy, be fearful. If the rise of the stock seems suspicious, it probably is. Unlikely that retail buying is sending up a stock over $100. More likely a deep pocketed hedge fund is controlling the price and can do whatever they want, even when it seems the stock couldn't go up any further. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but it also seems likely the lowered price target by GS was orchestrated as well. As badly as TSLA was hit during the big drop, one would expect difficulty recovering due to major technical damage and fearful investors. The huge rally Wednesday seems totally unlikely, unless helped by a hedge fund wanting to make some big money on options. And the idea that the stock will go lower tomorrow is far from a done deal. Afterhours ISRG is off $50, MSFT missed big, Detroit filed for bankruptcy, and last I looked futures were up slightly. I believe they will take the stock wherever they want to tomorrow, and it won't be a big drop. These stocks that look like slam dunk shorts are financials tools for taking your money. Find something overvalued but less volatile if you want to short. Having said all that, I will admit to owning some puts, but I am careful not to put too much into betting against this stock.

    • You really have some great advice all over this post. This stock reminds me of MLNX (the latest and greatest, will change the world BS) Do some research the similarities of the potential the Cult like following and so on are striking to say the least. I do believe in the potential of TSLA I just don't see them being able to meet or beat expectations quarter after quarter. I don't want to be Mr Gloom and Doom but we are on the brink of a huge economic correction who is going to be buying these cars? My honest opinion is that if they manage to meet or beat earnings this will be at 150 (wiping you out) in a flash because of the shorts. The average investor can't afford to touch this at this levels. If they miss with negative outlook it will be in the 90 and gradually decrease to around 50. I read today a very interesting comment from chevy6### (sorry if I got the wrong user )that TSLA has become his regular ATM. I have been thinking about that the whole day. Basically what is happening is that an enormous amount of day traders and shorts have piled in creating the volatility and volume. I will be surpized if more than 5 percent of the daily float are legitimate investors positioning them selves for a long position at this level with this much volatility. Kid you are playing with fire! I do expect to see a 114-115 tomorrow before it reverses once that shorts start covering. Just cover and move on. For the longs and shorts that shared their great life lessons you have my RESPECT...

      Sentiment: Hold

    • you sound like a poser

    • Buying some puts may be a safer way to grab that much leverage without putting 21 K at risk you could control that amount of stock with far less money. I'm hoping for a near term pull back but want to own this stock long term Elon Musk is crazy in a good way.

    • you will SAVE 20-30% by putting that cash towards your cc debt. It's NO RISK. This is high risk (long or short). Don't be stupid.

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      • I've never paid a dime of interest in my life (except a cash advance interest while in Vegas). I should have rephrased that. I'm not in DEBT, because I autopay balances in full. I just have $200 in liquidity (cash-credit cards which will be paid in full end of month) + my investments which will most likely be $15k after the big fall.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • anaxamandrous Jul 19, 2013 12:10 AM Flag

        Agree 100%. I cannot think of a better overall investment for anyone than to kill the CC debt. Anything else with the same return (TSLA long or short, for example) is very high risk, and as futurecartsla said, paying your debts is zero risk. Do that first, then think about stocks and options.

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