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  • ajax9999 ajax9999 Jul 26, 2013 9:34 PM Flag

    Prob with TSLA is it relys on the out dated electircal GRID

    We would have a very large task if we simply wanted to fix the grid to do what it was originally planned to do, since many of the grid's elements are close to the ends of their useful lives. Unfortunately, nearly everyone who looks at the situation believes that a major upgrade to the grid is needed, rather than just patching the current system.

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    • pdpp59 Jul 27, 2013 8:13 AM Flag

      You are an idiot and a shill.

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    • Solar on everyones roof and the only cheap fossil fuel natural gas already piped to peoples houses will render grid improvements unnecessary. besides that, the grid is way under capacity at night and that is when people will charge their cars as thats when people sleep. Solar like batteries only go down in price as it is a technology not a fuel. If anything Silicon is the fuel and that is in quite abundance on the planet. Oil can not compete with solar.
      Charging while out during the day is very unnecessary to most people as most people spend most nights sleeping. Superchargers and other electric car chargers will be used, but I would say at this time and in the future 95% of electric vehicle charging is done at night at home or otherwise. 8 hours of sleep per night per person is plenty of time to charge a car to go as many miles as the battery will allow. Batteries and Solar get cheaper more efficient lighter and last longer every day. Electric motors are simple and last forever relative to ICE.
      Think about all the things we use batteries in today. It started with the smallest devices and over the years batteries and solar and oh yeah leds(better lighting) are powering bigger and bigger things every day.

      Are these 100 year unsubsidized trends of electricity generation and usage going to be disrupted by some forces that this world is yet to see? Maybe, but they will not be disrupted by the things they are disrupting(i.e. fossil fuels and Internal Combustion Engines)

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