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  • ima_postaa ima_postaa Aug 8, 2013 9:51 AM Flag

    Do the math!

    One could buy a Toyota Camry for $22,000 and it would take 26 years to recoup the costs of buying a Tesla, assuming $3000/year in gas. This stock is a scam! (and this leaves out the costs of charging the car in your home!)

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Dont hate because you cant afford one. People work hard to earn their money and a TESLA

    • The current Tesla is in the same segment as a high end BMW, not a ****ing Toyota Camry. Gimme a break...

    • Why not compare it with a Tata Nano - I'm sure you can calculate that you would drive it 200 years until you reach the costs of a Tesla.

      You are ridiculous, nothing more to say !

    • I'll do some rough math for you. A Tesla S costs $70,000 versus $20,000 for a Camry. If you invest the savings at 4% you earn $ 2,000 per year. That will buy you about 500 gallons of gasoline. Drive the Camry 12,000 miles at 22 MPG means you burn 545 gallons of gasoline per year. So you need to buy 45 gallons of gas per year @ $4,00 that's $180 a year net expense.
      In just 277 years your $50,000 savings will be completely gone.

      PS: If you want a pickup you buy a pickup and burn gasoline. If you want an EV then you buy an EV and burn electricity. You are consuming NOT investing.

      If you want to save money then:
      1.) Buy a used car.
      2.) Buy a Moped.
      3.) Take the bus
      4.) Hitch hike.

      No offense but criticizing EVs because they don't save money is silly IMO. It has validity only because the other side (EV fans) try to distort the facts and make it sound like EV make economic sense. That's just silly. I've looked into this. The most economical way to go electric is to convert a used vehicle. That costs $10,000. It's not worth it.
      On the other side there are a few people who want to own an EV. That's why the niche market exists, These people are not stupid. Some have an agenda and want to push the technology. That's awesome. That's how we progress. JMHO but Tesla is not the product I would buy if I wanted to push the technology. Instead of buying one Model S for $70,000 I would buy three Volts. The Volt is evolutionary product that bridges a gap to an all EV fleet. It is by far the most popular electric drive car out there.

      The real problem: There are so many products being offered that no one is making money (except Tesla using non-GAAP and GAAP and non-cash ZEV credits sales and other little do dads).

      GM just slashed the Volt by $5,000 even though they are losing money on it.

      Q.) Why?
      A.) They are going to launch the Caddy ELR. They have to price it low to bring in buyers. And they need a price differential between the ELR and Volt.

    • Your problem is one of not accepting that Tesla will make it as a company- a major force and the leader in the EV space. No competition as of now in their space. A great car , a company run by a brilliant CEO and a vision of what tomorrow is going to look like.

    • Your trying to use logic! The people who will buy a Tesla are not looking at a Camry. No one is factoring in the cost of charging these cars. They are also not considering the scene when there is a bad wreck in an electric car. HazMat teams will shut the freeway down for a day to clean the mess up.

    • Yes, you are correct, however that assumes their car price does not come down, if it comes down to below $35,000 for a good one, and base models starting at $20,000 then it would be decent, but even then, it would take several years and more than a decade before sales number increase above 1 million units done by companies like Ford or GM, even then at 10% of Global market share, the market cap should not be more than half of Ford or GM which have taken nearly 100 years to get there, hence TSLA is nearly there, another 25% in stock price appreciation, and its already at BEST at a price of where shares may trade between 2020-2040.

      Its all down hill or steady once it hits about $200 a share.

      This is worth maybe $ 20 a share, not $ 150.

    • tesla doesn't have a car that competes with Camry, do they?

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