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  • joco52 joco52 Sep 15, 2013 9:29 PM Flag

    Consider this:

    that GM spent more than $7 billion on R&D in FY2012, or more than 26X what TSLA spent in the same year, this cannot be glossed over as immaterial (Ford spent roughly twenty times more than TSLA). Still think that Tsla will win against the GIANTS??????

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    • Sooner or later, someone will catch up. Just like iphone is no longer the King.

    • they will do to Tsla ....what they did to the forward thinking car maker Tucker......they will undermine every effort to go forward...there is a cabal and they are powerful./////..there is one behind our president as well..not the same group but a secret group

    • Consider this: that even though they spent a fraction of what GM spent on R&D Tesla still managed to build the highest rated car ever per Consumer Reports, the only car to ever be unanimously voted Motor Trend's Car of the Year and received the highest safety rating ever.. Doesn't say much for the GIANTS...

    • mdean108 Sep 16, 2013 4:03 PM Flag

      And even with all that money spent Tesla is beating them. You are making the case for going long.

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      • What has Tesla won, boys? You can point to the stock. But is that the end game? Tesla is a horrible retail organization, a complete failure. The process stinks. As a consumer, I'd be thoroughly insulted by the clearly ego-driven concept of paying 100% sticker, having no clear financing path, AND the fact I have no way of disposing of my trade other than doing it myself. While this might sound just ducky to you dreamers, exposing yourself online to any stranger in the world as to where your auto might be located is simply asking for trouble no matter which way you look at it. Add to this the reality of losing every dime of sales tax credit you would otherwise keep if you traded for your vehicle. From a buyer's point of view, is it your belief those who might be interested in buying your vehicle will be stupid? That THEY wouldn't do their homework? That THEY wouldn't demand some sort of guarantee or warranty from you? That THEY would be breathless to pay your price without question knowing full-well you've done absolutely NOTHING to recondition your vehicle for sale? I don't think so!

        If I've seen one customer, I've seen 5,000 walk into a dealership convinced they know the worth of your vehicle, and the price of their trade. Do any of you think this wouldn't be the same circumstance for ANY customer attempting to sell their vehicle privately?

        Dream on, boys!

    • Consider this: The UAW bent GM over and screwed them long and hard

    • How about a closer comparison-the $2.7 billion BMW has spent on it's i program as of July and the car that has come out of it (the i3) and the car that's next (the i8). Do you consider BMW a technologically sound car company? How about their finances? Not bad? Now compare them to GM. Who should be a bigger threat to Tesla, the higher end BMW or the low, mid and some upper GM?

      To answer you question directly: Yes, I think Tesla will win. I also think that demand for EVs will begin to outstrip demand before too long once once more people realize that there are far more tradeoffs for most ICE owners than there are for EV owners. In other words, there'll be enough room for everyone for a long time.

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      • Justthefacts, the real answer is Tesla continues to burn cash, and continues to announce additional offerings. This will not end! Tesla will continue to be the highest priced vehicle out there for the market, and consumers will continue to balk at the price. Plus, the trade-in issue is out of control, IMO. I believe Tesla has no chance whatsoever of conquesting competitive owners who are otherwise not predisposed to an EV. The hoops a customer must jump through are more than any normal prospect is willing to take.

    • That's sad because they don't have much to show for it. If they saved that R&D money for three years, they can buy Tesla outright for $21 billions.

      Or just take the money and pay dividend, that's a 14% return, then may be their stock would go up.

    • That just proves that Tesla is more efficient.

    • All that waste and the Model S is the safest, Car of the Year, etc?

      Detroit doesn't stand a chance against the boys of Silicon Valley

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