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  • aa_member_since_89 aa_member_since_89 Sep 16, 2013 12:32 PM Flag

    How many here believe that CMG is properly valued?

    All this bull-pucky about TSLA overvalued
    So shorties and other naysayers - would you buy CMG at $400+
    How about NFLX?
    or PCLN?
    or FB? (seriously - that is one stupid investment IMO)
    How about WWE?

    So if TSLA is so overvalued, what do you think is fairly valued?

    And don't come back with more carp about the TSLA stock price - tell me which of the companies above are truly a better investment...

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    • FB LNKD NFLX are digital products, they are easy to scale and they offer free services and they virtually have no competitors .... Do you remember that NFLX went from 300 to 60 , FB went from 45 to 18 as well.

      CMG will go down, its a matter of time, it went from 440 to 240 just last year. It will go back to 300 sooner rather than later.

      TSLA sells cars, physical cars, you need some one to write a check of 100k to hit the numbers. Model X is already delayed to 2015 (Musk said 2 days ago)

      Model E will not be out before 2017 and I am sure in 4 years lot of things will change.

      Tesla will hit 140 within next 3 months and 120 within next 3-12 months .... It may hit 200 because of their numbers hyped up due to back log as well but it will go down when Tesla will offer another secondary next year .... They lose money on sale of every car ... they will need money to expand ....

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