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  • daoivaonf daoivaonf Sep 25, 2013 12:04 AM Flag

    SOLD TSLA at 50% Profit then bought a Nissan Leaf

    Half of the cars the Nissan Dealer was selling were all electric Leafs. You can lease one for $250/month it needs no gas, charges to from mostly empty to full overnight using a 115VAC house plug, and goes about 84miles max on a charge but probably you only wan to go about 60miles. Compare Leaf cost to 12kmiles/year 3.50 gallon 30mpg car. Save 116 bucks a month in gas. So really the cost of leasing a leaf is about 134 month if you subtract gas. Or you can buy one for 30k with no sales tax and get a $7.5k tax rebate in the mail. Hybrids are history. Either this stock is overvalued or GM and others with no viable electric vehicle are going to loose about half their sales to EV cars. Its going to happen fast. Get ready!

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    • I know someone who got a Leaf with a lease of under $200/month. Not much up front either.

    • ddeboy Sep 25, 2013 7:16 AM Flag

      LOL. Lame. Should have held onto them and bought a turn in lease S for 40k. Shows your just a small day trader Joe. BTW - thank you for driving an EV. Make sure your electricity is from solar/wind or water or you're just throwing your attempt at saving the planet into the oil producers or supporting Nukes. I can't get to my job with that car. I am 120 miles away from where I work. I want a car that can go there and back on one charge. 250 miles plus.

    • ispamm Sep 25, 2013 7:06 AM Flag

      yea, these are all great things you can get from an EV

      not everyone is comfortable with the extremely limited range of a leaf though

      thanks for sharing

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      • Extremely? You haven't live in a small area. Some small cities and surroundings are 20-miles radius or less. Someone can run their Leaf 99% of the time and their spouse's car for longer trips. This is called a two car family. Which is a vast majority of families in the USA.

        "short range" issues of these other EVs do not exist other than on marketing slides.

    • Oh I didn't include the cost saving of oil changes and regular service inspections. The Leaf goes in for service and they rotate the tires. That's about it. No more 100 dollar oil changes with new air filters. I highly recommend you go out right now and test drive a Nissan Leaf to understand what your investing in, since probable you cant afford a Tesla car. :)

      Get an owners manual and read find out what Owning an electric car is about.

      There are some negatives to electric cars. On negative is cold and hot climates. The batteries don;t like thermal extremes and extreme cold can ruin your car battery, batteries do not like to be frozen. And they don't like Phoenix, AZ like heat, batteries don't like to be hot especially while charging and discharging. So some places are less optimal for these type of cars. California and North West climate is more optimal for these type of cars. Northern deep freezing cold winter days may damage these cars if you don't keep them plugged in, they will even drain their batteries to try and keep the battery system from freezing. 15min charging also is likely to reduce the battery life. Slow charging is better for the batteries.

    • All that is needed is more charging stations in more places like shopping centers. Then you can charge while you work, shop, and eat for a small reasonable fee. Like a parking meter but with a place to plug in. A standard 115AC 15A socket would do in the parking lot at work. At work you only need a 115V AC plug to get back to full charge after a days work before you go home. I don't know who the moron was that invented this complex charging station for 240V. These charging hookups could be made much much cheaper. Why the heck didn't they just use an RV hookup plug, or a dryer plug for that matter. Sometimes engineers over engineer the problem. I think they should have a 240V 50A dryer plug with a GFI attached to a cord with a key locking cover, Instead of some fancy gizmo that looks like a gas pump. This would save much cost for installation. To make it even better the car could have a retractable 115VAC cord like a vacuum cleaner. An electric car is an appliance like a vacuum cleaner not a gas car the you fill up with a hose. I will tell you something else.

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      • Buy Tesla if you like it, it is the BMW of electric cars. But it's probably not worth more than BMW. Buy a Nissan Leaf if you want a great family car that is a great deal right now! They have a prototype minivan too eNV200, I would own that instead of the four door hatch back but it's not available yet. I love not stopping at the gas station. A gas car is still good to have for the long hauls. So I would say a family needs two cars one electric and one gas. I suppose that is almost a hybrid right :) except the high maintenance gas vehicle sits in the garage and gets a lot less mileage. The US household will be 50% electric vehicles in less than 10 years. I would put money on it after driving a Leaf. This leaf car can hold two adults and three kids and still have room for the Costco mother load load groceries in the trunk. I save 5 bucks in gas every time I take it for a ride :)

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