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  • america_wants_change america_wants_change Sep 27, 2013 4:17 PM Flag

    JDSU once traded at $1000/share

    now trading around $14

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    • TSLA longs provide no facts, its all emotion/feely goody. These are probably the same people who voted for Obama due to his "change we can believe in" stance. (*note I am not saying it was necessarily bad to vote for Obama, he was the less #$%$ of the two candidates, but his campaign was entirely based on pop-culture and sheeple chanting "we want change", and yet he proved to be just another politician).

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    • Dude, you are just a hater. Investing in stocks ins't about facts or anything like that, its about how it feels. It feels good to invest in Tesla. It's all about emotion. The shorts were probably telling the JDSU longs that the bubble was going to pop also, and the longs were probably saying "haha you shorts are so stupid I best investor ever, as soon as JDSU hits a million dollars a share I will be sooo rich stupid butt hurt short lol lol lol". Which is exactly how TSLA longs act now.

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