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  • zoeofdow1_3 zoeofdow1_3 Oct 4, 2013 1:51 PM Flag

    I know I am going to get heat from the longs but here it goes....


    First.... you are getting sucked in there are some major players playing short and they are not done. I think this is a good time to get out I did 179 they are reloading for another hit .......IMHO but I know what you are going to do.....bass me. GL

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    • Hey bud, dont bother with them, they wont listen to you....The market as a whole is so crooked its not even funny. If anyone think that this company deserve to be at this price are the one that bought below the current price and hope that it will continue on this ridiculous ride. they just dont know that the big boy are the one that control it but they wont listen to you..... They all think Elon is god and Tesla is greatest since sliced bread. Im sorry to say but this stock is so outragesly overvalued.

    • Correct....the damn thing is so weak it couldn't even get to the gap fill at 180.95, or to the MACD zero line on the 55 chart. I'm not one that necessarily thinks this is going to tank, but anyone that doesn't see it hitting the 50MA before the selling ends doesn't know how to trade. In other words, if you didn't enter your short position on the gap down 10/2, TODAY is your entry point.

      Retail has been the buyer since May, institutions the net seller in that time. Today was a gift for those that didn't take profits before the dumping, yet everyone has got out their $300 hats again.

      Please, please, please fill the 180.95 gap, or better yet, the 50% retrace at around 181.25 to offer a better entry point. I just don't think I'll be so lucky.

    • currently, a lot of retail investors are day-trading or buying in for hope. We need to review the 13F forms from leading funds when they come out - they have not yet been filed yet but we expect 20% less shares held by institutions at end of Q3 and further selling after Oct 1 due to the last two day route downward.

    • Completely agree. Longs are going down. The stock is toast and the nice run up is over.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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