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  • networthdev networthdev Oct 19, 2013 12:20 PM Flag

    Al Gore: “Carbon Bubble” Is Going to Burst – Avoid Oil Stocks

    And now you know why the oil companies PAY for bashers and why they ARE SO AFRAID of TSLA and others in this revolution.

    Google subject if interested in Al's interview.

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    • Al Gore is a prime example of the big stupid money. If he had the sense of a snail he'd switch to the Republicans so he could date Michele Bachmann. Michele is not only the best wick s ucker in DC but a darn good screw as well. Overweight oil and drill baby, drill. I'm JR Ewing and you have my word on it.

    • If you think oil companies pay for bashers then you have to believe the greenies, who can only survive with generous government subsidies, are even more aggressive and with an overly sympathetic government they have much more access and influence than oil companies could buy. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with government help to get wind and solar off the ground but at this stage all taxpayers are being ripped off by the inefficiency of the home solar industry in particular. The benefits given to the EV industry have a fixed ending, wind and solar have gone on way too long and seem to have no end in sight.

      BTW didn't read the Gore article but I agree that the peak power of oil countries and their pricing power is finally behind us, assuming the environmental extremists don't kill fracking. These groups are as dangerous to the U.S. as the right-wing survivalists. Did you know that domestic oil production alone is up over 500 million barrels per year over 2007 levels and is still greatly increasing due to fracking? Do the math and you'll see how much it's boosted our economy.

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      • Approximately 70% of the oil we use goes into ICE machines, thats going to go away, AND as Al Gore points out, the TRILLIONS in reserves oil companies carry on the balance sheets will be the oil BUBBLE heard, and seen, bursting around the world, as those reserves HAVE to be written off. Gonna be messy (get it, oil bubble) in more ways than one.

        P.S. oil companies pay for more than just bashers, they pay for authors, documentaries, white papers, magazine articles, movies, T.V. commercials, etc.,etc, all to discredit the competition, and enhance their IMAGE. Don't you just love the sincerity of that pretty blond lady that does their T.V. commercials. Times are changing for the oil industry, and soon they will face the same REALITY/fate as poor Steve Balmer and Bill (I used to be Chairmen) Gates. :-)

    • Al Gore should know he invented the Internet

    • Good article thanks

    • They are afraid of a recession which cuts oil usage further through lack of driving and shipping/flying. EVs are a long problem for oil. Recessions are a short problem. Look at the drop in energy usage after 2008 into 2009. It will take 30 years to build enough EVs and hybrids to offset much of the auto industry.

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      • Nah, the up take will accelerate, as all the EV benefits being to be understood, AS THEY ARE STARTING TO. Plus, its not just EV's, it's CNG trucks & cars (GM announced this week a bi-vehicle (gas !! & !! CNG, which ever you want to put in your tank ), solar, fuel cell, wind, etc., etc., that are all MAKING the oil bubble BURST.

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