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  • justthefactsmaam_ok justthefactsmaam_ok Oct 22, 2013 4:17 PM Flag

    Musk: Anticipating 200, possibly 300 cars per week to Germany Q4 2014

    If that figure is even off by 50%, the Tesla doubters, trolls and shorts will have to invent new "issues" to defend their positions. Oil will be a lot lower as Tesla and other car companies scramble to ramp up EV production and roll out new models.

    Still long term short oil. Will take some profits starting below $80.

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    • The Germans aren't buying now. What makes him think they will buy in a yr. Funny how Elon rushes to Germany after knowing of a slowdown to say he will be shipping 100's of cars there next yr. We'll see

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    • Are you kidding me to .... do not bet against Elon........Lot of people lost their pants in the last 6 months. Go with Mr. Musk. He is real.... He knows what should he talks and what is real....

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    • I like your Oil Short as I also believe it starts going down over the next few years. Not so much from EV sales, but a combination of EV, Hybrids, better ICE and increased Oil Production in the US. At some point I think EV sales could get hurt if gasoline dropped under $2.5. As consumer I'm good with that, but it also makes me very cautious on Tesla's real long term profitability. I think they can sell cars, but I suspect eventually they have to cut prices. Time will tell.

      Your Gemany comment made me do some research....... Germans pay Approx. $6.8 US / Gal of gas slightly less for diesel, but they also pay $0.35 US / kwhr of electricity. Both are really high.

      I don't think the German market makes or breaks Tesla, but it will be interesting to see how they do on Audi, BMW and Mercedes home turf. I suspect like CA showing some buyer loyalty to Tesla, German's will be hard pressed to buy a $90k US car.

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      • All the reasons you stated are why I'm short oil. Oil has been bid up mostly by speculators as noted by Barrons's and other articles that describe how non-hedgers have by far the largest open long positions.

        While lower gas prices will have some impact on EV sales, EVs will still be less expensive to operate but more importantly they are simply better cars PERIOD. Even at an equivalent cost of fuel and a premium to purchase, once people who don't drive more than 150 miles/day actually try one and realize the "issues" are nearly all irrelevant, they won't go back.

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      • Psx and cop are flying as is hal. These are good, American companies. Use any oil profits you may get in a diverse portfolio to buy an ev or two. No reason not to profit in all market movers. I drive an EV and have a Solar array. But won't stop me from investing without emotion.

        If you are going to short oil because it will go sown in a few years, then don't short now. Go long and watch it. Sell covered calls and other profitable moves. Then go short when it's time.

      • what about Utility companies in California (PG&E) you think Tesla is going to be the downfall (or at least margin cutting) of those??

    • Instead of anticipating, why doesn't he show us the sales figures? His claptrap has to come to an end. It's beyond stupid. The Gen 3 is finished before it ever starts. There is no demand for a Gen 3.

    • Making investing decisions by going by what Musk says without getting a more balanced opinion or doing your own research is dangerous. He has a tendency to exaggerate and put on the best spin. Be careful friend.

    • Its called UPOD. They are sold out through March. Musk knows what the demand is like.

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