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  • cavanyc Nov 1, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    The algo is set up for a POP & DROP play

    Even the shorts now think there will be a pop on the earnings report Tuesday. Yup even the shorts, who've covered and probably now long, are set up for the algo to harvest a POP & DROP. A couple scenarios are 1. the stock pops up 20-30 points in extended hours and then gets sold into and shorted by the algo. 2. Since most shorts have chickened out. covered and gone long, the pop is not as dramatic and the algo still takes the small pop and shorts. 3. the news is not good enough and there is no pop or the stock drops in extended hours. The fact is retail is already all in and the short interest is on a fraction of what it was. Odds are there is a short burst of extreme volatility then a sell off down to 120 or lower. EVERYONE is expecting a POP that is for certain setting up the possibility of a contrarian outcome.

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