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  • z28barnett z28barnett Nov 18, 2013 12:54 PM Flag

    Why today? Options hangover? - No news, No fires, No Nothing - Bear trap setup?

    Why today? Options hangover? - No news, No fires, No Nothing- Bear trap setup?

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    • A #$%$ lawsuit on the behalf of "shareholders" regarding safety claims.

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    • Momentum is over.

    • Two law firms either investigating or class action suing, a string of so-called analysts or bloggers piling on now that the stock is weak, questions arising over their accounting practices, etc. The list is endless and the pressure is mounting. With shorts already controlling a third of the float, they are probably doubling down and let's not forget all the institutional investors who are buckling under all of the above and hitting the sell button. My gut tells me all is hopeless but my mind is telling me to hold fast and weather the storm. I've been in this situation before and panicking usually has an ugly ending. You have to sort through it and act according to your own self interests. The shorts have only one mission: to convince you to sell, sell, sell so they can enrichen themselves.

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      • I originally bought TSLA stock with my eyes on the Model E. Going to use my stock to buy my Model E. They continue to expand into new markets, open up new factories, etc. They are in big capex mode now but imagine the cash flows with their 25% gross margins and after they are done with their massive capex cycle. Keep your eye on the prize.

      • I used to be short and covered at 140, had an order to short at 146.5 that unfortunately never got filled. I have no position in this stock, so whether you sell, buy or hold will not benefit me, but with as many problems as this company has and a triple digit 2015 PE, with price of gas falling, stock market hitting round numbers which makes MMs look at their holdings closely, limited battery supply, and government subsidies going away in couple of years, this should be a no brainer. I do not feel comfortable being long this stock unless it hits 80 or so.

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