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  • kbodie77777 kbodie77777 Dec 18, 2013 9:41 AM Flag

    Tesla ========= has NEVER made a profit

    You are investing in a scam.

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    • True! Tesla never made a profit ; however, traders who bought shares made tons of profit. The bottom line is your loyalty is to your bet. As long as it keeps going up then we are here to stay. Once it reach peak then we sell big time! Now who made himsellf an idiot ? the one who makes money or the guy who hated Tesla. Why dont you buy stocks of Ford, GM, Toyota, Chrysler,then after a year see who makes a profit ! If you see us driving a Tesla then you know we did !

    • ejoshrj Feb 13, 2014 3:23 PM Flag

      No, you are investing in the future

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      • Internet firms are more scam-value than Tesla, of course. Wall street has made the equity improperly valuated based on wild estimates that cannot be reached. The company is not the future. The idea of electric vehicles is the future. To be built by all firms once the tech makes them consumer-compatible. This is simply a transition point in time between no EVs and EVs on the road.

    • GO drive one and you will see... Or look at the Youtube videos with stock Teslas destroying Corvettes, Camaros, Audis, BMWs, Mercedes and Porsches in the 1/4 mile. It is unbelievable... American innovation in action.

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    • Your mama dropped you child.

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    • you were adopted

    • A beautiful car, no $$ for fuel, little maintenance, spuer charger network.
      This is a WINNER!!!!

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      • Yeah middle Americans have $100K lying around to drive kids to soccer matches in their new Teslas - Please this is a SCAM. I am sure its a great car to drive but $1.7 billion in sales with no profits does not equate to $18 billion market cap, plus TSLA has such a strong currency, why not raise capital to fund demand of this super car - oh yeah there is no demand

    • kbodie..why is no one reacting to the garage fire story?

    • I think the electric love affair is gonna be gone next year an on to Natural gas .time to look at CLNE . Busses trains limo cabs an next cars . People want to pump fuel its quicker easier an cheaper .if your tesla runs out of charge who's gonna come get you back on the road .

    • with your (=========) you must have lost a huge sum of money, Hey!! kbodie77777 go invest what ever you have left in Apple you'll be happier.

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    • Please tell us how long it should take to scale up a large manufacturing business with new technology from the ground up and turn a profit. Don't forget to factor in expansion into new markets, and what changes will happen with the manufacturing/production process, and future demand. Also consider there is demand with near zero advertising for a product that most of the world doesn't even know exists yet.

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      • Tesla just spent $415mm more for equipment
        10 years before any true profits are realized

      • This is why by the time they scale up, they will have double the shares in the float, various other debts and Musk will owe Goldman Sachs $1 billlllllllion dollars.

      • Mikl, did you just fall off a turnip truck? You must have!

        Tesla is NOT new. The company has been around for 11 years. Obviously, there was ample time to, "ramp up" whatever that means, the business. There was ample time to carefully study expansion markets. Instead, Musk & Co decided to go whole hog into Europe, Asia, AUstralia with the Roadster. It was a horrible, miserable failure. I'm not even suggesting Tesla should have conducted extensive market research (Which it DID NOT!).

        Manufacturing process? Is that a new buzz word for you? In case you don't know, the process is mostly automated. Therefore, HOW does it change? Advertising? Who's fault is that? The fact of the matter is just one person calls all the shots. IMO, this is exactly why Tesla has gone through at least 5 different sales chiefs over the years. Well, that and the fact the last one, Blankenship, had ZERO big ticket sales experience, and it showed with his foray into SIngapore. The guy was an empty suit.

        I don't know what type of business you're in. But the remainder of the adult world deals with performance, not promise. If you introduce a big ticket product, it's reasonable to assume it would take far less than 11 years to turn a profit. Moreover, $1 billion in losses would get anyone's attention. Unfortunately, it didn't get yours, did it? After all, it's only "Monopoly money", isn't it?

        I've seen weird things before. But I've never witnessed a stock so completely twisted and manipulated as Tesla. The company, operationally, is a mess. But the stock? Well, there's a sucker born every minute.

      • ((( Don't forget to factor in expansion into new markets, and what changes will happen with the manufacturing/production process )))

        Fact: In Q3-2012 Tesla could not make cars at rate and lost about $100 million.
        Fact: In Q4-2012 Tesla could not make cars at rate and lost about $100 million.

        Fact: In Q1-2013 Tesla hit it's production rate and it made an ultra-tiny profit.
        Fact: In Q2-2013 they again made cars at rate but lost money (lease financing).
        Fact: In Q3-2013 they again made cars at rate but lost money again.

        I offer the facts. If you choose to invest in the imaginary giga-factories that's your choice.

        Do you think Elon's new "giga-factory" will change be profitable? Isn't it much more likely that this is just an attempt to divert attention from Tesla real factory and the money losing product it builds ?

        Isn't it more likely that Elon is trying to create the illusion that Tesla is growing and can't keep up with demand and that new orders are pouring in -- BUT -- at the same time he has suddenly stopped reporting reservation numbers.

        Oh well ... Norway was a success for two weeks.

      • 10 years of losses ought to make anyone with a brain realize this will not last!

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