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  • wampum1m wampum1m Dec 20, 2013 12:48 PM Flag

    Is Tesla saying that it was frayed wiring that caused the fire? Which therefore means that any appliance plugged in to that outlet would hav

    into that outlet would have had the same result. So before you plug in your TESLA at home, be sure you have an electrician check that outlet. Now why did it not happen before the TSLA was olugged in the outlet?

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    • Why are you betting against a product and company that you do not understand?

    • Plug-in electric vehicle fire incidents google that exact phrase and do you rown research. There are several stories outside of TESLA pertaining to electrical car fires. TESLA doesn't seem to have the same issues. Well sure if you want to count a metal blade slicing through the batteries at 60 mph or slamming into a brink wall at over a 100 mph. TESLA will correct all problems as they arise.

      Hey know which care manufacture has the safest vehicle ever made?

    • Exactly. It's now a threat to burn your house down. Nothing to see here, says Elon. We sat on it for a month bc we were busy....

      Have there been other fires not yet reported?

    • While we're still beating a dead horse, Why didn't the breaker for that outlet trip? Was the circuit wired properly? Should have tripped a breaker before the arcing caused a fire.

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      • I wondered the exact same thing. This whole story is a joke. If people feel safer driving around with 20 gallons of gas underneath them, then they should go buy an ICE....

        I don't think the Tesla shorts actually believe Model S is less safe, they are just clinging to whatever they can to recover.

        Having said that, If I had a Model S, Volt, Leaf or whatever plugged into my garage I would likely have a fire and heat detection device in there because anytime you have device plugged into a 220V system there is risk. No different than leaving your dryer on for 3 hours unattended night after night. If it's properly installed the risk is likely very LOW.

        In my mind much less risk than 10 of us pumping flamable gas at a station.

      • Not really a dead horse yet. People need to be warned about his. It's odd that this has only happened with TSLA's.

      • Great point. The news was the lady was misusing the outlet or overusing the outlet. You would think the breaker would have tripped. The point always has been that the vehicle did not cause the fire nor did the cord. It was drawing the right amount of amps as designed. This is a problem with the home and its electrical system

    • No they didn't say "frayed wiring" the fire started in the wall by a faulty outlet. It was the electricity that started the fire not the car or the charging unit. When you pull electricity from an outlet there is always a chance of fire. When the outlet is faulty you are for sure going to have a problem.

      Moral of the story make sure your outlets are safe and are operating as designed so you don't burn your house down. Or just don't be a dumb &%#$ by plugging eight things into a outlet at once.

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