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  • counttrarian counttrarian Jan 11, 2014 11:14 AM Flag

    Tesla Cannot Shake Being Associated With Fire

    From claiming perfection, to a miracle software upgrade (that some of us knew wouldn't solve the issue), to now a recall (call it an upgrade all you want it is a voluntary recall), the damage is done.
    A recall due to garage fires taking place the same time the NHTSA is investigating car fires. Stunning.
    If you still think Tesla doesn't have major issues, and is even close to the flawless execution that is priced in, then you simply are being naive. Never let emotion guide your financial decisions.

    I'm always willing to listen to other viewpoints but what I am stating is the facts we know, not wishful thinking or parroting of PR releases.

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    • Best way to test your wiring is to take home a Tesla and PLUG IT IN OVERNIGHT.
      (just check the fine print on your insurance policy first)

    • I am an EV owner and do have one worry. That as more EVs deploy to the field, you will then blend in home-fires from charging circuit issues (not only Tesla but any EV for that matter) with the on-the-road car fires we have today (oil dripping on hot engine parts and similar). The number of home fires will still be very small versus those on the road from ICE vehicles. But the human nature aspect is that a wife will deny her husband from buying an EV if she has high levels of worry about this topic. There isn't enough media hype (yet) regarding this but they'll do so - starting with Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. Another concern will be a question on a homeowners' insurance policy stating "How many electric vehicles do you charge in your garage"?

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