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  • stocktraiting101 stocktraiting101 Jan 22, 2014 4:22 PM Flag

    TSLA is a West Coast fad. I live in Florida and haven't seen ONE model S

    Like acid wash jeans, fads die quick.

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    • I caddie at Trump National in Jupiter (very affluent area of Florida) and have never seen one.

    • I don't think you've seen a vajay either, that doesn't mean they aren't popular / don't exist, hahahaha

    • I've only seen one where I live. The guy was making illegal u-turns and looked completely lost.

    • I live in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA, and I've seen 4. Two I tweeted and are on my twitter page.

    • This 'fad' goes 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds. It is the quickest thing on the road with four wheels hands down, with the most exotic combustion engines catching up after maybe a quarter mile. And, it gets 300 miles on a charge in good conditions no ac (think about it! 300 miles!)..and closer to 180 with inclement conditions (think about it! 180 miles!)... some FAD. As a licensed engineer, I want to understand what makes this thing tick. That it ticks great is not the question. It is like when automobiles were beginning to win over horse and buggy status quo. Tesla is the bomb, I guess. Maybe their technology will not stay proprietary for ever, but while it is this evaluation is not unreasonable after all... I have learned about this. No Bubble. Just, trouble for the status quo. It is the ANTI-FAD.

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      • Right idea, wrong execution. $75-100K for this sled is way out of whack. And there are bouque questions on the longevity of the battery, and long term safety issues. That being said, the premise is a good one, and a mostly if not all electric vehicle society may well evolve, but at prices and logistics which make sense. And as to valuation.............please.


      Not surprisingly, the Tesla Model S battery-electric car that sells for more than $100,000 has become a must-buy for the affluent motoring set.

      Data tracking service Edmunds reports that the Model S is now the most-registered new car in eight of the nation’s 25 wealthiest neighborhoods tracked by zip code.

      The bulk of those communities are in California and it appears that the Tesla battery car has become the latest status symbol among the state’s rich trend-setters. It is a more fitting green fashion statement than the more plebian Toyota Prius that gained fame a few years back when actor Leonardo DiCaprio arrived in one for the Academy Awards ceremony.

      "Influential people set trends while the mainstream aspires to follow," writes Edmunds analyst Jessica Caldwell. "With the proclivity of tech geek being chic, the Silicon Valley area will set trends faster than traditional high-income markets like New York."

      In Atherton, California, outside San Francisco, where the average home goes for $6.7 million, the Tesla Model S now commands a 15-percent share of new vehicle registrations. In nearby Los Altos Hills, it’s 11 percent.

      That’s not to say the Model S has no appeal outside the Left Coast. It is gaining ground in the Northeast and, to a lesser degree, in other parts of the country – especially as Tesla expands its dealer network and sets up more of its high-speed superchargers, with the goal of putting at least one of these fast-charge facilities within 70 to 100 miles of every possible American buyer.

      In fact, demand is growing outside North America, notably in Germany, Norway and even China, where a news report this week notes that the first customer paid $410,000 for one of the sleek battery sedans.

    • I guess that's why they are expanding to Europe and China??

      And I guess that's why places like Texas are making it so hard to buy one.

      Because of very strong dealership franchise laws and a buttload of lobbying money, Tesla store representatives are prevented from giving you any kind of pertinent of useful information related to pricing. That means potential buyers are in the dark regarding costs, tax credits, financing, and leasing options. Tesla sales people can’t even offer test drives.

      Sounds like they are terrified in Texas of electric cars. I wonder why?

    • I've seen a bunch in NJ

    • Quit your night shift work to move to a day shift then you will see Tesla Model S on the road :-)

    • Have a home in Ludlow Vermont, Southampton Long Island and Dunedin Florida (Clearwater Beach). Haven't seen one in Florida (surprising ), seen 2 in Southampton, and if there were any in Vermont, they have been used for target practice. The sizzle coming out of the steak, be interesting now to see if this pig is worth 50% of GM selling 6900 cars a quarter. Have just now laid in a long term put position, will ride down, today, next week, next month, next year. Could care less about day moves, not how to make money. Let the Delta's fill up in the options. Yummy! This will become a classic case study on failure in future marketing courses.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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