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  • alangreenspam alangreenspam Mar 4, 2014 1:09 AM Flag

    Looks like the SEC is chasing down TSLA's greasy accounting:

    Looks like the SEC is chasing down TSLA's greasy accounting:

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    • It's about %$@* TIME .....This company has gotten away with murder so far!!!!!

    • Interesting. This never made the news. Solar City is being investigated by the SEC also. it seems like this was kept quiet in order to get the convertible through. Slimy #$%$ for sure.

    • Keep grabbing straws ya punk face fink....

    • SCTY is restating over-inflated earnings and now TSLA is next:

      From the above link:

      Revenues, page 78

      2. Please quantify the amount of vehicle service revenue included in vehicle, options and
      related sales and discuss any significant changes in the amount from the prior period as
      well as the factor(s) causing such changes. In addition, if management expects the
      introduction of the prepaid maintenance programs to have a material impact on the timing
      of recognizing service revenue, please discuss this change in trend and its expected
      impact on service sales.

      Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements, page 98
      Maintenance Programs

      3. We note per page 12 of your Business section that you announced a prepaid maintenance
      program to include plans covering maintenance costs at either a fixed price per visit or
      unlimited visits. Please disclose your policy for accounting for both types of plans.

      Form 10-Q for Quarterly Period Ended September 30, 2013

      Item 7. Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of
      Results of Operations, page 27

      4. Please revise to disclose the number of units sold and the number delivered under resale
      value guarantee terms and accounted for as operating leases.

      Liquidity and Capital Resources, page 32

      5. We note that at the end of May 2013 you announced the significant expansion of your
      Supercharger network to include coverage on the U.S. west and east costs and around the
      rest of the country. Please discuss your expansion plan in more detail including the
      expected associated costs to achieve your goal.

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