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  • keefwotgetsaround keefwotgetsaround Mar 30, 2014 12:01 PM Flag

    But Elon said it was BULLET PROOF!!

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    Rebecca H answered 4 years ago
    If you really want a good body armour, embed kevlar in thin titanium sheets. Kevlar alone is considered bullet proof for just about anything short of armour piercing. Combined with the extremely high density and tensile strength of the titanium, it should provide more than enough protection against any type of round short of a 50 cal mounted cannon. This would be a very rigid armour and would probably have to be machined.

    If you want a flexible armour, then go with a titanium/tungsten/kevlar mix using strands instead of solid plates. Each material would lend it's own unique qualities. Tungsten has a thermal break down of over 5000 degrees F, as well as a high shear resistance, kevlar also has a very high shear, cut, burn threshold, but is more flexible than a metal, and the titanium will provide enough resistance to blunt force and eliminate the weaknesses in the kevlar which is bladed weapons. Kevlar and tungsten are highly shear resistant, but are cut or sliced very easily from the follow through force. The titanium will help prevent blades from penetrating because of it's overall strength.

    This mixture could stop a bullet, but not the force it has behind it. The bullet would not make it to you through it, but the force of the impact could potentially break bones and bruise organs.

    25% tungsten, 25% kevlar, and 50% titanium thread or strand composition sounds pretty good to me. I'd help test it!

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    • Good analysis, had a friend working at an arsenal developing materials. In one study they worked on the thickness of army helmets, a thin helmet would not stop the bullet. They were able to make a helmet thick enough to totally stop the bullet, but, then your head would come off. So, they had to find an optimal thickness. So much opportunity at Tesla to "blaze" new frontiers........Kid.

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      • ((( They were able to make a helmet thick enough to totally stop the bullet, but, then your head would come off. )))

        That's how it goes when you try to redesign.

        When Tesla designed the car they didn't have enough money to do it right. The flaws are starting to show up. The solutions:

        1.) Very aggressive and expensive customer service.
        2.) Expensive redesigns like the titanium plate. This adds weight and cost to the product.
        3.) Multiple recalls.

        4.) And (the worst possible solution long term) they just tell the customer to live with the problem and refuse to fix it.
        This is what they did with the tire wear issue. Instead of gladly replacing the tires (Amazon) they told some customers that excessive wear was a characteristic of the vehicle (GM).

        PS: Just to be clear GM would never say this to a person who bought a $90,000 Escalade and had excessive tire wear at 8,000 miles. They would use this on the guy that bought a $12,000 Spark if the consumer complained about excessive wind noise.

      • Goodness gracious

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