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  • albee56 Mar 30, 2014 7:14 PM Flag

    Elon Musk on CBS ' s 60 minutes

    Lets check it out .....

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    • Well, as some one who is very active in the stock market, but in other sectors, the 60 minute segment certainly piqued my interest. I see the sp is actually pretty close to where it was last Oct, which tells me tomorrows buyers are getting a discounted price.I was not fully aware of the magnitude of what this guy was attemting to do, but with a nice looking car that would in essence, never have to spend money on fuel, it is mind boggling. With this guys ability, and with technology increasing very fast, I imagine the big auto co.s are very concerned, as well as the pretroluem industry. Will he be allowed to succeed? If so, I see it creating a vast uphelval in our economic system, due to injury to the energy sector, oil and gas. I must say the segment sure opened my eyes. what is current thinking on TSLA sp, now and in future?

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      • Mofish, agreed. Why on god's earth would anyone bet against this guy. Elon is just getting warmed up with his disruptive ideas. Over time, public opinion will lean towards electric power, NASA will continue to outsource to his company and new disruptions will occur. At the rate he's going, he could surpass Apple's all time high (note: if Steve jobs were still alive, AAPL too would surpass it's own all time high). I welcome all the love letters from my message. ;)

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      • I would appreciate some "sane " input from people versed in TSLA. I am surprised that after I requested such, 3 hours ago, after watching the show, all I have seen is a bunch of worthless posts. Is that all this board is made of? come on, give me some feed back. I have learned some basics, but contrary to many peoples opinions, I value message board input.

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