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  • ballcoach_30 ballcoach_30 May 5, 2014 1:59 PM Flag


    Hmmm? Let's see? Some (one) is claiming the Manteca facility is badly needed because the Fremont plant is "100% utilized"? A bit of reality is now warranted. The vacant Manteca parts distribution building is a mere 2.8% the size of the Fremont plant. Think about that! It's 2.8%! Yet, this building is suddenly going to resolve all the production woes? All the demand woes? It's going to make Asian shipments.........EASIER? No, wait! The Manteca facility is going to make shipments to Canada and Arizona...........EASIER? The facility is near an Interstate? Isn't the Fremont plant located NEXT to the freeway? Yes! The Manteca building is near rail lines? Does the Fremont plant already have a rail spur? Yes!

    In all, Tesla has come up with a plan not a single other shipping entity in California has figured out in all these years? Amazing! Revolutionary! Game changer! It once more validates Tesla as THE auto paradigm. Thank goodness for the loads of smarts exhibited by the zealots on this board. How could anyone not follow these folks and their ideas/notions to the ends of the Earth?

    You all know, because some (one) has said so, it's easier and quicker to build an EV, right? That means Tesla bought the adjacent 32 acres next to the Fremont plant to.......what? Ship parts to Manteca so MORE vehicles could be built there?

    Folks, I've honestly seen it all now. Never has there been, anywhere, such a vast collection of clueless people gathered in one spot than on this board infested with so many mind-numbing zealots.

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    • Coach, you should post New Topics more often. Good job imho. Judging from the mean reactions, and the many thumbs, you hit one out of the ballpark. Very interesting information.

    • don't sweat about the purpose of this Lathrop facility or you gonna get heart attack, let them show you soon enough what it was designed for, pal you worry too much, if you don like it move to different investment

    • There are Elon worshipers.

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    • 1. You're going to go by one person's post? There is no chance that Fremont is at 100%.

      2. "...Manteca...will resolve all of the production woes?" What production woes?

      3. Manteca is going to have something to do with Asian shipments? Or Canadian or Arizona shipments? How do YOU know what the facility will be used for? I haven't seen any articles or PRs regarding it's planned use.

      The (Lathrop) facility indicates that Tesla is comfortable enough with current and future demand to commit to acquiring this facility, spending the time and money to renovate it, purchase equipment and hire people to staff it.

      The guy who said Fremont is at 100% is as wrong as you and others are when forecasting Tesla's sales and forecast.

      We now return you to your regularly scheduled ballcoach, kobodie etc. proclamations claiming that Tesla has no demand, is done, game over, etc. And check the schedule for their upcoming special report entitled "The Backlog is Gone". While it will be rebroadcast every quarter, there will be a special celebration on it's 5 year anniversary-even if Tesla is selling 300,000 cars per year.

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      • You REALLY don't get the humor in this, do you? Better yet, how about you post to, or speak with that nitwit, Aristocritized, one of your zealot pals, and ask HIM about Asian, Canadian, or Arizona shipments and what HE posted?

        The Lathrop facility has nothing at all to do with filling some sort of production backlog. It's NOT a purchased facility. It is being leased, smart guy.

        As far as forecasting sales, I have been virtually correct up to now. And you? What have you forecasted other than where you reside on the retail "Food Chain"? LOL!

        Lastly, how about YOU providing a single source of data indicating US sales are fine? How about you providing a single source of data indicating Tesla is generating net profits ANYWHERE in the world? Can you do it? Oh, and the backlog IS gone. has been for many months, pal.

      • "acquiring this facility"

        By lease? Same with the boutiques! Can you spell "long term commitment?"

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