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  • warren_buffuk warren_buffuk Jun 9, 2014 10:59 AM Flag

    The Muskrat's Interview Transcript. "I don't even know what the value is right now..."

    Elon Muskrat's CNBC interview today was very revealing.

    CNBC gal interrupts him when he's gushing about how big his... (um, factory) will be... --- "SO DO YOU THINK THE STOCK IS OVERVALUED?"

    MUSKRAT: "I don't even know what the value is right now..." [Gosh I'm sooo humble and never count my money]...

    MUSKRAT: "It's probably not too crazy." [In other words TSLA shares normally are usually near CRAZY VALUATION... but "not too crazy"]

    MUSKRAT: "There's certainly a lot of optimism in the stock price so we need to execute in order to justify the stock price." "I'm feeling like we PROBABLY will..." [Muskrat frequently uses the legal weasel-word "probably"].

    ANALYSIS: It's clear the Muskrat thinks this Ponzi Scheme is overvalued, but he dances around the truth in the interview.

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    • Elon Mush doesn't want to get sued by shareholders when the stock tanks. He's prepping them for the big drop when the average wide-eyed naive green investor finally gets it.

      On another note, have any of the greenie Mush fanboy worshippers ever pondered the HUGE CONTRADICTION that Elon Mush claims to be the world's top "energy conservation entrepreneur" via his goal in making so-called "green" electric cars, BUT he's also pushing one of the most energy consumptive activities on the planet with his rocket-fuel guzzling SpaceX business so the ultra wealthy movie stars and egotists can take space flights that create an even bigger carbon footprint than they do already with all their jetsetting?

      It's so hypocritical of Musk to use sooooo much fossil fuel, while at the same time preaching energy conservation. Not to mention the energy costs to make the rockets.

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