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  • tslamaniac tslamaniac Jul 2, 2014 12:44 AM Flag

    Paranoia, delusion, inferiority awareness, and OCD plague the TSLA bashing Musk stalker community.


    Not insults, but observations. All the shorts here believe the market for Tesla stocks is being manipulated by nefarious actors on Wall Street, propped up by Leftists in Washington, and momo'd by Magical manipulator Elon "Svengali" Musk with his press releases and powerfully influential lies an lunatic actions which only they can see through. That's paranoia and delusional thinking. They realize they are inferior, and make statements to prove it, attacking anyone who can afford to buy a Tesla. They are so ashamed of themselves they won't even test drive the car, which is a free adventure that even they can afford. They obsess about the car. They spend enormous amounts of time and relentless effort researching (well, googling) all things Tesla, join Tesla owner / enthusiast blogs, count VINs like King Midas counted coins, dream about Fires, fret about tire wear, become Wikipedia PhDs in Battery Tech, and obsess about coal while hating solar because they are truly concerned about scams. I call Shorts crazy because that's all they ever were.

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    • Stupidity and nativity plague Elon worshipers.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • aristocratized_by_yo_short_sqz2 aristocratized_by_yo_short_sqz2 Jul 2, 2014 10:01 AM Flag

      Agreed!!! The shorts are delusional and devoid of the Reality!!! Load Up!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • what about competition? I am sure all the car companies will have a competitive answer if the market continues to grow. Also Warren Buffet said never invest in auto companies since the labor and machinery cost so much.

    • Nope, shorts are REALISTS. Just put their posts on ignore if they upset your little world so much.

      You TSLA Fanboys are delusional DREAMERS who want OTHER PEOPLE to subsidize your world view thru subsidies for rich environmentalist elitists paid for by the common man. And paid for by gullible investors who bid up the stock of the company so Musk can issue secondaries and convertibles and get rich himself.

      Do you realize the entire MUSK business exists only because of SUBSIDIES and BORROWED MONEY that they will never be able to pay back with an honestly profitable business model? It's a PONZI SCHEME.

      Do you have any conscience about that??

      Thought so... The moral corruptness of the left is just so palpable.

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      • I do put a few on ignore. kbodie and keef are two for sure.

      • ((The moral corruptness of the left is just so palpable))

        The only thing I will add, tyrone, imo, is that there are SOME good headed and good hearted leftists to be sure, and not all longs apparently on this board are as maniacal as maniac. Also, because he chose his ow name, there is hope for him after all. I think he IS capable of logic and reason...I truly believe that... I can't remember the specifics, but I believe he has posted that way once or twice.
        Your post can be viewed as tough love.

      • Wow, gonna just sit back and enjoy your posts. I thought lone was the masked man, but who are you? Great stuff. Great! ... and oh how true.

      • If you want to talk subsidies, please start by telling me how much every man woman and child in America paid for the latest war in IRAQ. For what? There were no WMDs and the Iraqis didn't have *ANYTHING* to do with the 9/11 attacks. Those are just facts.

        Those wars were a massive subsidy for the oil industry. Or as the right wing pundits like to call it "they were guaranteeing our energy security"....

        You want energy security? Get the heck out of the mid-east and pave every county in Nevada that has fewer than 5 people per square mile with solar cells! It would displace 170k people and give you 100,000 square miles worth of solar power.

        But that's crazy talk, right? It would be *insanely* expensive... I agree you'd never do it as simply as I laid out, but for some perspective, if you spent the cost of the Iraq war on subsidizing such a massive solar project, your subsidies would work out to $22 Million per square mile.

        Personally, I think that money would be much better spent on solar power and developing gasoline alternatives than on blowing up the "common" men (and women) who make up our "all volunteer" (aka "we only draft poor people") fighting forces.

        Iraq war: $2,200 *BILLION* dollars.

        Cumulative total spent on Model S subsidies through Q1: 0.02% of the cost of the Iraq war!

      • BTW, I'm a Tesla "fanboy" but also a Tesla investor. I don't want "gullible investors" to bid up the stock for me. I freely pay what I think is a fair price for it. I know that is taking a risk, so I only play a small portion of my portfolio in Tesla. I'm a big boy. I may not know what I'm doing, but I'm aware I'm doing it. Not all my trades have made money, but overall I'm ahead by about 1/2 a Tesla.

        If I took that money from some poor investor, it was from a Short seller and I expect him to be as grown up about the risks he took as I am about mine. You want insurance and guaranteed returns? B of A is paying a whopping 0.1% interest now.... (don't spend it all in one place)

        If I buy a Tesla it won't be paid for by the taxes of the common man. I'll write a check for it cash. If I get a $15k tax benefit that is window dressing. In any case, I'm entirely confident that I've paid far *FAR* more in taxes than I've ever 'taken' in government services. That's fine. I've been lucky.

        The mentally ill homeless guy takes up more government resources than he puts in. I don't. Even if I buy 10 EVs and take out $150k in perks, I think the government will still be in the black on my account. I have a conscience about that and it is *COMPLETELY* clear. Have I made myself clear?

        In any case, taxes on bad things and tax breaks for good things is one of the best & most efficient ways that the government can implement public policy. Homeownership is good. Studies have shown that neighborhoods where more people own their own homes have lower crime & disease rates. It's entirely appropriate for the government to encourage that by letting people deduct mortgage insurance. Taking care of kids is a good thing. People *should* get a tax deduction for doing that.

        Cigarettes are bad for you. I think taxing the heck out of tobacco is a great way to encourage healthy living without curtailing people's freedom of choice the way banning them would.

      • A few minor points. I don't know who this "morally corrupt left" is, but I have a feeling you think it's me. I actually consider myself to be a moderate centrist sort of person. I like law & order, I think the death penalty is a great deterrent (especially for repeat offenders). I think we should give people second chances, but they have to want them & earn them. We shouldn't waste resources on hopeless criminals. We can afford to be kind to people who have had rotten luck.

        I've met exactly one "welfare mom" in my life. Her engineer husband died of cancer in his late 30s and left her with no jobs and 2 small kids to raise. Social security paid her enough to keep the lights on and a roof over her head. I was her neighbor so I helped out with 'guy stuff' like keeping their furnace running when it broke down and she was affraid of what a repair man might charge.

        I see the point of the 2nd amendment types about freedom and 'tyranny' but I'm not sure it's worth the cost, and I think people who are arguing in favor of putting a whole lot of fire power into the public's hands would help their case by trying harder to sound calm & thoughtful. (Nothing scares me more than an emotional testosterone poisoned #$%$, with a gun... or 50 guns....)

        I like the private sector. I've done very well in it, thank you. I've also helped create a lot of good paying manufacturing jobs with the technologies I developed. (In my good years I paid more in taxes than the 'common man' you pretend to stick up for even made)

        That said, I think the "tragedy of the commons" is well known to economists. Left to their own devices and short term self interest, the private sector will *always* squander resources like clean water, pristine forests, healthy oceans, and yes, even a stable climate. It's just what "efficient" corporations do. Every mainstream economist agrees on this point.

        So that means there is an important role for wise government & sound public policy.

    • I agree with you, but try to hit 'enter' once in a while...

      Otherwise, it reads like you said all that on one breath.

      That would be a bit, well.... manic. (I think that's the right word. :-)

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