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  • ballcoach_30 ballcoach_30 Aug 14, 2014 11:20 AM Flag


    On what Tesla is comes from one of your own zealots. He quoted a comment directly from Tesla which read:

    "......Q2 Model S orders increased sequentially at a much faster rate than for the rest of the automotive industry......" Does anyone see a major problem with that ridiculous statement? Well, here it is:

    How does Tesla know what the rest of the auto industry is doing with regards to deposits? When did Tesla create a Market Research Department? The answer is, Tesla didn't! That aside, the auto industry does not divulge orders, just sales. The industry does it monthly. No matter which metric one wishes to use, industry auto sales are ahead of 2013 anyway. More specifically, the luxury segment has likewise seen an increase as well.

    Folks, what I find flabbergasting is how can Tesla make statements so blatantly false without consequences? I guess it's because Tesla used the word "Sequentially"? Or was it the phrase "...faster rate"? My question would be is WHAT was the rate before??

    Perhaps Tesla used poetic license in comparing the orders to sales? Again, where is the evidence? I defy anyone to find a link anywhere confirming what came out of Tesla was, indeed, factual? Or will you all just resort to button-pushing?

    This whole thing simply stinks. No reputable company fills the PR waves with half-truths, innuendo, and white lies.

    Actually, I'm astonished no one has commented on the Tesla statement to this point! I guess I'll just congratulate Justthefacts for unwittingly providing the evidence of a major breach of ethical business practice regarding Tesla.

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    • You are right that is a nothing statement but I wouldn't say it's materially misleading. First off not one single fact stated. You very well can get into trouble with the SEC for misleading material statements which this one isn't but it's purpose is clear.

    • Elon is always full of himself and BS!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Do retail customers make orders to GM or Ford? No. You correctly point out that Tesla's "orders" and your reported car company "sales" aren't quite commensurate. Tesla's model is different and you are saying that anything departing from your franchised car dealer model should not be allowed to exist. Business should make its own arrangements for its own purposes and the Market doesn't really exist. Why should Tesla worry about the needs of franchised car dealers when they have none, at least yet?

      ".. a major breach of ethical business practice regarding Tesla. "
      You have shown no such thing. You are trying too hard, as usual. There are striking parallels between you and Willy Loman in "Death of a Salesman" except you probably made more in your career lifetime to fall back on. Also your widow someday won't have to say "Attention must be paid" as you have already arranged that for yourself. Tesla's failure to hire you does not mean that everything they ever did or ever will do is evil.

      We understand that current state laws regarding car sales were bought in state capitols in the infamous USA Pay-To-Play scheme - the same one that runs Washington with less money involved.

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      • Tesla PR people simply lied about the business, IMO. Since auto companies have no pipeline to collect/report orders, how in the world would Tesla be able to say order rates in Q1 out-paced the auto industry? This is, of course, what Tesla wrote.

        Once again, is there any one of you willing or able to logically explain what happened? ANYONE?

        Oh, and people DO order cars from the factories! Tesla is not alone in this either.

    • ballcoach, nice try but once again you've failed. Rather than responding with something, anything, to support your claim you change the subject.

      For everyone else, here was my reply to a series of non-responsive posts by ballcoach:

      2."...please list a single market where Tesla continues to enjoy success?" The U.S. Before you start on the usual diversionary tactic, unless you can document the change in ORDERS in Q1 2014 over Q1 2013, Q2 2014 over Q2 2013, you can't prove declining demand.
      To bolster my argument, I submit this from the Q1 and Q2 shareholder letters:

      "North American net orders grew sequentially by more than 10% in the quarter."

      "In both North America and Europe, Q2 Model S orders increased sequentially at a much faster rate than for the rest of the automotive industry."

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • ((( "North American net orders grew sequentially by more than 10% in the quarter." )))

        How many orders did they get?

        ((( "In both North America and Europe, Q2 Model S orders increased sequentially at a much faster rate than for the rest of the automotive industry." )))

        How many orders did they get?

        You don't know and you can't even make an educated guess.

        It's time to realize that this is a scam.

      • Justthefacts, you believe YOUR version of reality is, well, reality? I don't!

        I have no idea what Tesla sells in the US. Neither do you. I have zero data describing Tesla US business other than what Automotive News divulges. What you have is misleading and lying from the PR department of Tesla about the business. Tesla used to provide sales figures for the US. That stopped in Q1-2013. WHY??? Is it because business has been so brisk Tesla can't keep up with the order influx? Perhaps Tesl forgot? Maybe the cat ate the homework? What I DO have is 30 years of auto experience. And you? What auto or retailing experience do you possess?

        Oh, and what, really, does "sequential" mean?? It's BABBLE, a buzzword. It's like the word most used by the shill analysts, "Color". You are clueless, JTF. You're also embarrassed to answer any of my questions because your knowledge about the industry is superficial at best. You want to debate me? Provide some substance. Quit with the Johnson wagging. Show me what you got, in the retailing arena, that is.

    • curt.renz Aug 14, 2014 12:49 PM Flag

      The rest of the industry does not take orders or deposits from individual customers. It sells every car produced to franchised dealerships. As you suggest, Tesla may have comparing their orders to dealership sales. Considering the different business models, that makes sense.

      Grasping at straws to justify shorting the stock could be costly. Try to see the forest through the trees. The market is not pricing the stock based on near term sales as in the case of a long established automaker. Many investors understand the potential for successfully disrupting several major industries.

    • This is pretty much the M.O. of politicians. And look at how many fawn over certain people who are on the election path and after. Even if they do not come close to delivering what they promised.

    • I must congratulate the 2-3 people lacking even the slightest bit of moral character or semblance of intestinal fortitude for doing nothing more than pushing the thumbs down button. Do you not own a moral compass? Have you no conviction? Seriously, people like you cowards make me sick, seriously!

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