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  • Curtispvd992 Curtispvd992 Dec 23, 2000 4:03 PM Flag

    FFO FOR 2001

    FFO for 2001 will probably be in the area of $.90 per share......Examing the new operating structure shows about $1.70 of write offs which would be considered "one time only" from reorginization.

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    • I may be remembering this incorrectly, and I may
      have ran the numbers incorrectly, but my recollection
      of the new structure, assuming it is approved, is
      that FFO should decrease slightly from $1.22 to around
      $1.16 due to the increased interest costs and the one
      time extension fee. I thought the one time non-cash
      charges were going to be more like $3 per share taking
      book value down to the $7-$7.50 range. You may have
      better numbers. Would you mind rechecking & clarifing
      your numbers?

      Here's my theory on share price.
      Concerning the discussion about share price, I think until
      the a dividend in the $.80 to $1.00 range can be
      reestablished, the stock price may not reflect value and may
      have substantial swings.ETT is such a small company,
      there are very few shareholders, and there may not be
      many willing sellers at any point in time. 3
      shareholders own more than 20% of the stock. Several of us, no
      telling how many, own more than 1%. Some of us are
      committed to either riding the stock all the way up, or all
      the way down, believing the potential reward is
      greater than the potential risk. Also, there are not alot
      of buyers. Since GHV's BK, I'm not aware of any
      analyst that has been following it or any brokerage firm
      that is recommending it. Therefore, for the short
      term, until something major happens at GHV, I think
      share price will be driven by a very small market,
      which will have little to do with value. After the
      first of the year I do intend to start following the
      GHV BK again. I'm still curious if anyone has
      followed the GHV BK enough to get a feel for its timing
      and how GHV is doing.