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  • impressiveinvestor impressiveinvestor Sep 27, 2005 5:01 AM Flag



    You are obviously all the same person. You all say the same outrageously false things in the face of objective data to the contrary.

    You will be/have been punished.

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    • Don't worry about this guy he stated that he shorted at $150. At least he posted his trade before the fact, not a coward like the other two.

      I think these guys are not the same person, what you have to realize is they will say anything in the hopes that someone else will do something that their pea sized brains think will help them make some money at the other persons expense. It doesn't have to make any sense and most of the time doesn't.

      Short selling is bad enough IMHO, but, these types of shorts are no better than the thieves that try to sell aluminum siding to your grandmother. They are patheitc really, if you think about it. Same with the people who buy and then spend all day hypeing it.

      Considering the size of the float on this stock if the institutions ever stop taking their huge profit on it, then there is an extremely good chance this will end up on the restricted list, and if that day comes, you will really see something.