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  • mshah1216 mshah1216 Jan 29, 2013 11:57 AM Flag

    Classic Bear Trap

    Jumps 10 points intraday! Making everyone think this is headed higher... GETS MORE VICTIMS.... CLASSIC BEAR TRAP..

    All you monkeys are going DDD (DOWN DOWN DOWN)

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    • you sound like a real mental midget here mshah. Go ahead and short all you will lose. I've been in this stock for a while and it has experieince some big drops from #$%$ press releases. I rememeber a pretty big drop last fall when some blowhard was spewing some carp. Anyway, I've held and DDD has always recovered nicely. Bought some calls this morning. Don't bet against this will get burned.

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    • Yeh, I think he is a little mixed up on his terminology. A bear trap traps bears and it is exactly what DDD is. My opinion is that you don't short stocks that have 1/3 of their float shorted because those shares eventually have to be bought back. I watched folks short NFLX all the way up. Tons of folks thought the stock was over valued but it kept going up. I was tempted to short it too but couldn't borrow the shares, a good thing, but I learned something from watching NFLX, don't short concept stocks while they are in a bullish trading pattern. It will send you to the poor house.

    • Isn't a bear trap supposed to trap bears? You are describing a trap that traps bulls...

    • i love bear traps. hope to have one everyday for the rest of the year

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