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  • ogewen ogewen Feb 18, 2013 7:07 PM Flag

    Beyond DDD and the next 10-15 baggers. I apologize in advance it's a long read, but worth your time.

    I've been posting since last May and this board deteriorated considerably over the next 4-5 months, but it seems of late that an improved generation of posters has started again. If you read some of my older posts my impression at that time was DDD would split just about the time they announced. The DDD board members are shrewd and quite astute and their business model is point on albeit quite aggressive, but in a good way. Splits do nothing but reduce the pps and the market cap remains unchanged, but it does make it psychologically more attractive to those who felt the price was too high or newbies looking to get in, but all major stocks have been this aggressive when they were new and growing, i.e. MSFT, INTC, AMAZ, CSCO and the list goes on. Apple split 3 times early on. I suspect the earnings on the 25th will be impressive and we could see perhaps a $8 to $12 bump. After the split we might see $45 to $50. Then, profit taking and consolidation with back and fill, which would be healthy process. I suspect that we'll see another split by years end and the next on would be 2 to 1 split. The 3 to 2 was a “thank you” to investors and a wake up reminder to 3D tech doubters. I feel 3D will approach 100 pps by EOY before next split. I spent a month in Europe in October and spoke to academicians who are tangentially involved with 3D printing and their outlook is even more enthusiastic than what we see here in the US. DDD will be huge and their applications that will exist aren’t even on our radar screens yet. Think ipad, wifi, bluetooth, streaming, cloud storage, etc. technology that weren't envisioned just a little over a decade ago. If 3D going forward would split 5 times, 2 for 1 based on a 60 pps on the adjusted pps would be about $1000 and if you held a 1000 shares today you would have a cool $1,000,000 if you held on to your shares. I whole heartedly feel this not an "if" this will happen but a "when", my intuitive feeling is that might take place in the next 4-6 years.

    Regarding other stocks that have explosive potential I believe are: ONVO (Organovov) and CTIX (Cellceutix) . The former is a 3D bio printing company that are replicating human cells and tissue. Yes, theoretically they might be able to someday print a new heart or kidney, but realistically they are reproducing human cells to test cancer drugs and speed up all the phases of drug development. They have just partnered with a prestigious Knight Cancer Institute, a research and treatment facility in Oregon. Knight Cancer Institute, a national leader in translational oncology research, is famous for the breakthrough in cancer treatment with the development of Gleevec. Knight Cancer Institute will be employing Organovo's NovoGen MMX bioprinter to stem biological models that accurately replicate human cancer to enhance understanding of the disease. This could be huge! Soon, they will upgrade from OTC to nasdaq or nyse and the sock will soar. They are currently at 4.67.
    CTIX is a very small research company that has developed a drug that affects the p53 gene known as the "guardian angel" gene that protects us from cancer. In preparation for human trials, Kevetrin was tested against many different cancer lines Cellceutix believes it discovered the drug to be a potent anticancer activity against every type of cancer that was tested. That list of cancers included lung, breast, colon, prostate, squamous cell carcinoma, a leukemia tumor model and malignant glioma (brain tumor).
    Kevetrin's "secret sauce" involves the activation of p53 which is the gene that plays a crucial role in controlling cell mutations. P53 activates proteins required to repair DNA and plays a major role in the life cycle of cells by inducing cell cycle arrest and apoptosis (or programmed cell death) to maintain cellular and genetic stability.
    Their drug Kevetrin has shown dramatic success activating this gene. I have been and continue to be directly involved with the medical community and the excitement from colleagues that are far more brighter than me is astounding. They have partnered with Dana Faber Cancer Inst. (Harvard) and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center both prestigious institution and at the end of January partnered with Univ. of Bologna, Italy to further test the efficacy of the drug. Bologna is the most advanced and highest regarded cancer research institute in Europe. These institutions are paying for all costs and the only obligation of CTIX is to supply the drug. CTIX ‘s second big drug being developed is for psoriasis and being tested by India’s most prestigious lab. Kevetrin's "little brother" Prurisol offers a potential billion dollar value in itself. This compound has so far in animal studies shown to be dramatically more effective for treating advanced psoriasis when compared to the standard of treatment today - methotrexate. Visually in lab testing, it eliminated all signs of psoriasis with no recurrence of symptoms. These results show great promise heading into human trials this spring, with the company clearly showing their confidence by choosing a double blind European study that consists of 30 days of dosing along with 30 days of follow-up. This strategy shows a sharp focus on advancing Prurisol through trials as rapidly as possible to help facilitate getting a potentially very lucrative licensing/acquisition valuation. The company in India is called Dr Reddy's is the second largest drug producer in India. They are a New York Stock Exchange listed company with a market cap of over five billion dollars ($5,000,000,000). They are among the world's largest manufacturers of the starting active pharmaceutical ingredient in Prurisol. Therefore, their familiarity in producing a product such as Prurisol is second to none.

    Having said all that they are both very speculative and OTC stocks that show promise. They both could be 10-15 baggers since they are the cutting edge of new medical technologies. I've done my DD, I suggest you don't take my word for it and do your own DD. Good luck and I hope that helps answer some questions. All the best. All opinions and comments are always welcome from anyone who has something intelligent to share. In the end that is what this forum should be all about. All the best and again I apologize for this long thesis. Ogewen

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