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  • chocolatestore Feb 23, 2013 11:16 PM Flag

    No worries about DDD, but my Broker may not be handling the split correctly?

    If I held my 100 shares on Feb. 15th, I am guaranteed 50 additional shares. So I could have sold this past week, 100 shares at $60 = $6,000. I still receive 50 shares at $37.96 = $1,898 because I held on record date Feb 15th.

    So If I would have sold, I would have $7,898. However I didn't sell so now I have 150 shares at $37.96 = $5,694.

    I'm not worried about my investment, I'm long, just not sure if Etrade is handling this correctly. I will of course call trade, but just wondering if anyone has any information about this?


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    • Except....During the time after the record date until the payment date, you are selling your shares with "due ills". The "due bills'" are your stock dividends rights which you have also sold (knowing it or not). This is a standard procedure for these types of dividends based on rules of the exchanges. Option strike prices are also adjusted. Think about you say, if you has sold (without these rules in place) you would have been (unjustly) rewarded with a free $1,898.

    • I think somebody's confused, because I held 2000 shares @ 56.95, and now my account shows 3000 shares @ the same price, 56.95. I suspect the price will be adjusted on Monday.

    • Doesn't work that way. If you had sold, you wouldn't be entitled to any extra shares because 1.5 x 0 = 0. Capice? Forget about that Feb. 15th business. It's what you held as of market close Friday.

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      • chocolatestore Feb 23, 2013 11:33 PM Flag

        I understand how a stock split works. DDD's website specifically says:

        Q3) What is the record date? The record date for the stock split is February 15, 2013. If you were a shareholder as of the market close on the record date, you are entitled to receive the additional shares.

        Q4) What is the payment date? The payment date for the additional shares is February 22, 2013. If shares are registered in your name as of the market close on the record date, you are receiving the shares subject to the split.

        Q5) What is the ex-split date? The ex-split date is February 25, 2013. When the market opens on February 25, 2013, one trading day after the payment date, shares of DDD will begin trading on the NYSE at the new split-adjusted price.

        Q6) What happens if I sold some of my shares before the record date? If you sold your shares before the record date, you were not entitled to receive the additional split shares.

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