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  • jenngreay jenngreay Feb 25, 2013 10:42 PM Flag

    TIP For my DDD friends!!

    Okay, i made a good amount on DDD today even though it plunged. I was able to pick up a full load at under $31. Sold half and still have a nice load. What I used with amount I sold at $36 for was to buy the VXX weekly calls and QQQ weekly PUTS.

    Now for tomorrow's play. The market will have a small bounce tomorrow morning so get ready to buy the VXX calls into any rally and also load up on the QQQ or SPY puts. Then ride it til Thursday. Some of you may take some profit if it doubles or triples on Tuesday or Wed. I usually take a 25% profit off the table.

    Good luck trading this market this week. Don't flame me, just sharing what I plan on doing! Oh, do this at your own risk. But odds are this will be the best trade this week.

    I would just sit tight on my DDD holdings right now. It probably won't be moving around much this week. Maybe a little lower but probably not below $33.

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    • surflessons Feb 27, 2013 12:57 AM Flag

      Are you using stock trading software?

    • I hope you guys got in and was able to put stops and get out near the lows!! WOW what a great day!! Money money money to be made in this volitile market. This recommendation will be great for Wednesday. Look for this market to head down even more. And the VXX held up Extremely well considering that the VIX dropped 2 points!! Buy VXX calls! Go gogo.. Good luck

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    • I hope some of you took my advice!! U'd be rich now if you bought the VXX puts at the lows today like i did!! WOW it's up nicely!!

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    • Good for you. I don't know any of those. Once I got money I buy more shares. I am long. It will settle . I am not panic. It will go up again.

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    • you are the reason this stock tanked today. sellers like you. you are #$%$. good day sir

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      • Are you serious Shawn? One person like me can tank the market? If you must know, the market tank cuz there's uncertainty in the Italian election and there's a possible Hung parliament. This and the sequestor happenning on March 1st is pushing the VIX sky high, up over 30% today alone. Tomorrow it will continue to rise. The Vix is the Fear index. The world markets are afraid and it's scarying people away from stocks.

        If you really think the stock market is a buy and hold forever market, then you are quite naive. That method can work but buying and selling can also work. Buy low and sell high.

        Take my advice or not, but we're in for a shaky week. The best best is to get some VXX and ride the fear and profit. I tripled my Options in just two hours today. So let's not be too rude.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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