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  • mgm2020 mgm2020 Feb 28, 2013 5:09 PM Flag

    My rebuttal to today's Seeking Alpha negative article(and all others)..

    Were any of you "experts" around back in the 70's when everyone was wondering why in the world they needed a "box" in their kitchen that could make popcorn in 2 minutes or heat soup in a minute? Yeah, that was just a fad that didn't catch on .And how about those bulky phones you could carry around with you with the antennas and you could talk to someone else who had one, and it didn't even have a cord? Oh yeah, just another fad--who needed those? Wait, what about windshield wipers that you could set to just go every few seconds instead of continuosly? Nah--who needs that--you just move the handle when you need the wiper. And how about those goofy little 'disky' things that lasers put music on when EVERYONE had a record player? That would never catch on--who needed that? The criticisms of those technologies were very similar to what's going on with the additive manufracturing field now. 3D printing is finally to the point where it can go from the "fad" stage to the practical stage--and that is why it's going to continue to grow. Just like with other appliances, and that's really what a 3D printer is--an appliance, there will be a replacement and upgrade cycle to continue momentum as the industry builds and the technology and materials available expand. And the quality of the end product has finally reached the point where it is of true "prototype" grade for industry, which can end up cutting design and production costs by thousands or hundreds of thousands through the entire development and prototype process. It is impossible to say whether the industry will grow at 25% per year or dramatically accelerate and grow at 75-100% for a while. The predictions at this point are mearly best guesses and shots in the dark--because no one truly knows how to estimate the value and demand of this technology. But, I believe it will grow at least 25-35% for at least the next 5 years--and possibly much more than that. As for stocking the showrooms with their own products and the acquisitions the company has made--I believe the organic growth rate will be increasing as overall sales increase, and The company has already stated that the Geomagic aquisition will be ACCRETIVE to earnings and revenue to the tune of $17 million in 2013. I'll take another dozen of these please! Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this technology, and it really seems to be fairly equally divided. Thank you for your opinion, and now you have mine.

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