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  • bhuston77 Mar 14, 2013 1:36 PM Flag

    DDD is down 50% since last month, so why on earth would you sell now?

    It's funny how emotional the posts are here. If you're long, like me, and have ridden the drop, why do you sell now. You can weather 50% but not another 10%? Personally, I think this stock is near bottom and feel there is greater risk bailing at these levels than seeing what the next couple of weeks will bring.

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    • urrrrrrr lets see maybe to buy it back cheaper did that ever occur to you ?

    • You must be watching the wrong chart.

    • surflessons Mar 14, 2013 7:55 PM Flag

      I guess part of the issue is ddd patents have expired. And now you have industrial players with the same patents gearing up to pounce.

    • cnicolelis Mar 14, 2013 7:49 PM Flag

      I guess I'll put my two cents in on this one. It was amazing that DDD could do no wrong just a few weeks ago. the Sun was shining the Grass was Green. Now all of a sudden everyone hates this thing. It rains everyday and the Grass is Dead. I waited for earnings to come out and watched it dive. Today it opened strong. Then the news came out about insider selling. Well I would sell also to make a few million who wouldn't. I am cost averaged at $34.05. I am not happy with the recent decline. Got a Glimpse of maybe a technical support here at $30.60. When it starts to move up again the Sun will be Shining and the Grass will be Green again and everyone will love DDD. Lets be honest XONE is not even close to DDD and it is at $30.60 come on give me a break. Hang in there longs and don't let the bears BS you. This is the future and we are in on it. Remember APPL was a $5.00 stock at one time. Something to think about.

    • Because they will continue to drive it lower. Fundamentally the company is sound and the product does a great job. Its cheaper for a person or company to 3D a product and get it right before sending off for molds which are very expensive.

    • You are preaching to the choir here. Unfortunately most of the investors complaining are probably in the same boat as me. I didn't buy at the high, but thought when the split was announced and the stock pulled back about 10% it was a good time to buy. In my case, to START buying. And then earnings came out with a great percentage increase over last year, but eveyone seemed to be concentrating on the measly 2 million that they "missed" by(and those numbers were analyst numbers--not company numbers). Then the short report by Cintron, and before you knew it people were bailing, the sky was falling, DDD would never sell another 3D printer, and the terrific revenue forecast they issued for 2013 meant nothing. $440-$485 million while the street consensus is just $442 million. I have taken the opportunity to averaged down a bit and am holding my shares. One encouraging sign is that I haven't seen any price targets dropped for either 2013 or 2014. My research still shows a 2013 price target of $55 and 2014 projected stock target of $73(these are numbers from Zack's). With the stock price near $30 those are some very hefty potential returns. DDD is the biggest in the business with the largest portfolio of printers and still invests very heavily in R&D. I have a feeling that when the street is satisfied the stock has bottomed and the reports start showing up that the drop has been way overdone and it's time to buy there's going to be a MAJOR bounce, and it could happen any time. I'll wait---hopefully not too much longer.

    • Any management issue inside the company?

    • Charts dont mean anything. This is still a company and fundamentals still matter to some degree and here it clearly matters.

      Its like someone saying they should buy into sino-forrest after their huge sell off. Why not it dropped 80%. Well then it went bankrupt.

      Here they wont go bankrupt. But they will dilute shareholders, so the drop in share price will be slow and the trend is now clearly extended well below the current point. Also, no fund wants to hold into a company with straight up plans to dilute them. It is ridiculous and I can already see them getting their sell side brokers to start slowly offloading their holdings.

    • I am in 100% agreement with your comments. Why should I sell now and take a tax gain when I know DDD will be trading significantly higher in just a couple weeks/months? I'm holding tight. Good luck.

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    • I'm not sure what chart you are looking at (probably you are confused about the split), but
      It hasn't even been 50% since the first of the year, much less since last month.
      No, we have not suffered a 50% drop yet. Since last month, we have fallen somewhere between 20% and 25%.

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      • bhuston77 Mar 14, 2013 1:53 PM Flag

        Sorry...should have said 38% drop...still much greater than 20-25%...I was thinking what the increase would be should we recover to last month's high of $47.99 - which would be an increase of more than 50% at today's prices. Still, despite my bad math/reasoning, my argument remains unchanged and hopefully you understand the point.

      • Guys you really need to stop just analyzing charts at this point. Charts dont tell you what will be comming real soon.

        The management is planning on diluting shareholders. They will make yet more acquistions inviting yet more shorts. This will get ugly. They are forgoing the current status and now looking well into 5-10 year horizon only so they are going through with what they view as neccesary for long term growth regardless of the ddestruction of current shareholder value.

        I expect these major shareholders to sell off big time. This is still a great industry with great potential but you know what these guys are up to now and its bad news for any existing shareholders. Come back in 1-2 years after they have destroyed existing shareholders and then you can come in as a new one that has more value, after they have diluted the existing by 50%.

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