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  • ogewen ogewen May 10, 2013 8:36 PM Flag

    DDD destined for greatness ....I posted this June 14, 2012...history repeats itself

    Am I missing something? 3.7 million shares for public offering from a company with a 1.5 billion market cap. Isn't that just a small chunk off of the perverbial iceberg? Isn't this a solid company with great vision into the future and with a proven record of wise acquisitons? If their game plan is to acquire smaller companies that have some market share isn't this offering the proper way to do it? Some of theses questions are meant to be rhetorical, but perhaps I'm missing something. I've read posts from new individuals who seem to feel DDD is doomed. If, indeed, DDD can hold up to some of the resistant points that's a godd thing, right? Or am I missing something? But if it breaks down isn't that just a good point to accumulate more shares if your long. Or perhaps I'm missing something. The only questionable direction DDD has forged which allows me to play devil's advocate with is the promotion of the cube. I don't get it since it seems a long shot for significant sales since that is one hell of an expensive "toy Maker". That being said I'm not a market person and perhaps this a kind of loss leader to attract better visabilty to the general public and meant to be an entry level for retail consumers. It's, however, a brilliant market move for educational institutions. Kids can cajole Mom's and Dad's into purchasing just about anything. I remember my kids pleading for ipods 10 years ago for Christmas and I thought ,"are you nuts"? $250 for a minature cd player. Now I can't run my 10K without it. But maybe I'm missing something. So as Moranpicks aptly stated,"As someone who bought the stock back in April with the expectation that I would hold it for ten years, and sell it at a 25-fold profit, this fall-out from the announcement of this offering is a tiny blip on the road to great successes for this company." Thanks Moran for your contribution. Also would like to give great appreciation to Mike for his time consuming analysis that gives great clarity to the technicals.

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    • Can you share Mike's report? Thanks for your insight. I replaced FB shares with DDD
      and recovered my $12 /share FB loss. It is amazing that intra day lower low and
      climbs up higher than the open price and the swing is $2 to $3 from intra day low to high.

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    • I sold all my shares this past Friday as the pe ratio is fast approaching 100 and ddd has been volatile in its gyrations. However, a classic cup and handle could be about to form, taking us after handle formation to a proper buy in. Im waiting. Ps, I took some profit am taking a breather to test this hypothesis.

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    • Ogewen,

      I have been saying in the last few days to buy on dips, buy on dips. I' am excited about the future of 3D because most/ all of the people I talked to told way. They all bought shares. My brother bought some at $29 and he said he will hold them for a long time.

      Chart is showing a good size C&H. When breakout don't sell right away. The big move occurs when it breaks out. You can calculate the target.

      Target = price at rim of cup + price of depth of cup.

      That's your homework to come up with the!!!

      Take care.

      We also need to diversify so china stocks are back. The a look at them. Look at SOHU for example. A number of other ones like TZOO SINA BIDU QIHU CTRP....when trend reversal, use weekly charts.

      I read and read and learn lean hours daily. Addiction?

    • I'm a relative noob, but I don't mind saying All Hail.
      I'm an enthusiastic long, but I'm a bit worried that we might end up biting off more than we can we can most efficiently process, digest, and put to best task. Am I the only one with concerns of this sort?

    • treene May 10, 2013 11:13 PM Flag

      excellent post ogewen. common sense is the whole story here

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    • hey ogewen how are you doing. Always nice to see a name that was around in the beginning of 2012 when DDD was in low 20"s before split, etc. and I was pumping big time, buying bigtime and getting flak from Fred 2012. LOL Have made a lot of money and going to make a lot more. Hope all is well

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      • well deserved flack I must add.... but humbly I must say I missed this long run...GLTA whether long or short as long as you have something to say.

      • Hey Lilly, nice talking to you, too. I have always enjoyed your informative posts and thought provoking point of views. That ultimately should be the purpose of this board. Agreed that a new breed is here and I'm not old enough to be considered a relic. There are some excellent posts sprinkled with obvious bashers and outright intellectual simpletons. I've been accumulating DDD since as you recall early in 2012. Now have 5K with average of 26 pps. I'm also have large positions in ONVO and CTIX. Being an investor and not a trader gives me the ability to withstand the ebbs and tides of this juggernaut. If you just keep your hands and feet inside this ride at all times you will be fine. I travel a lot and spend 3-4 months a year in Europe. Being retired at an early age is a blessing, but I have many philanthropical endeavors that keep me busy. As you recall I was given 100 shares of MSFT, CSCO, INTC. That 100 shares of MSFT has blossomed into 28,000 shares. I never sold and it split 9 times and have about the same number of shares of CSCO. INTC only 6 times, but hey you can't win them all. I think DDD can at least match INTC 6 splits if not more over the course of the next 12 years. 5K shares split 5 more times = 160,000 shares. If it is only valued then at $20 that's a cool $3.2 million with no headaches of trading. I just have to ride the waves of growth. So to all my friends out there as my Uncle to gave me those early shares said: 3D is a winner and could be easily the next behemoth such as Microsoft, Cisco or Intel. Glad you made a lot of money, too. Keep posting so we can drown out the pedestrian uninformed malcontents. I would be glad to share my insights and thoughts. Good luck to all. All the best Ogewen.
        I heard an interesting tid bit on French television about 3D that I will share this weekend. My wife is calling me to say prayers with our kids for bedtime. Later!

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