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  • lambert765 lambert765 May 14, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    Please be careful, longs

    I sold already, but wanted to warn everyone here. This stock is overbought and showing negative divergence. It could correct at any time. Check the PR for the secondary offering. It closes tomorrow. "The offering is expected to close on May 15, 2013, subject to satisfaction of customary closing conditions."

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    • Well, today's candle is a doji, which is a quite reliable topping candle. Be careful, people! I don't want anyone to lose money or have to be underwater for too long. I hope I'm wrong.

    • i buying many puts these days. when $32 many month ago i shareholder. i buying many call. money gains in taht. i true to believe this. investor have hope in this. i also selling the $30 put option to low IQ market maker who paying me the $1k last week. They lowest IQ these days. give me money buy share i happy shareholder. Thhis true to be funny days.

    • I believe the timing is right. The run up the last few weeks has beaten many expectations but there is a lot of resistance to go to the next level. I think a consolidation of sorts would only be healthy and set the stage for a bigger run to 60. I am long DDD but you can't be a perma long, you have to take profits at some point. Why not here?

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Haven't posted this, but I've been on this board for over a year. I started with a good chunk in my account, lost a lot, bought DDD options last year, made it all back plus some, but didn't sell. Went back down 50k when the stock crashed. Bought AUG 37, 38 and 39 calls when the stock hit 34 on its way down to 28, and finally broke back even today when we crossed 50. I think the stock can go higher, but this has been too crazy for me, so I sold 2/3. I'm keeping the other bit in case we do run to 60 between now and August.

    • I sold--bought back in lower after the offering--rode it up 6 points--sold again--adn now I am waiting. The stock has gome up 60% in just a little over 2 weeks and that is unprecedented given the slightly better than expected ER. The stock was forecast top reach a high of $82(pre-split) for 2013 and it is nearly there already. Short interest has declined some, and profit-taking will be coming soon. Anyone who is buying here better be prepared for the long haul and a wil ride coming up, but the ride will be down at some point and when it starts to come down it will drop hard and fast again. Looking for a better buying opportunity--and I'm willing to wait a little while.

    • wehlings May 14, 2013 12:00 PM Flag

      Sold again at 50.90. I am at the sideline. I think you are right, this thing has to correct. Its overdue.

    • I sold mine too, tried to get back yesterday but failed...I believed there should be a pull back between June and July before earning, right now I feel little dizzy...could go to 60 but it would be back...agreed with you

    • wehlings May 14, 2013 10:10 AM Flag

      got back in premarket, up 6 percent now, put a stop loss close to the top. I guess thats careful.

    • Much appreciated. Will take a look into that today :) best luck in your picks!

    • You just sit there and kick yourself for selling way too early and let us longs watch this baby fly to $60. Thanks for your concern though, it is noted and dismissed...

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      • You might show a little respect or at least courtesy to one of the rare people on the board who actually says intelligent things and shares thoughtful observations rather than dissing him like you would any idiotic basher. A simple history check will show Lambert's been unbiased and quite accurate in his assessments.

      • you should maybe pay a BIT more attention to it than you normally would. Lambert has been right a LOT of the time about this thing technically and the technicals he's looking at aren't biased. just his observation. he's right in that it's due for a pullback (honestly I think it's got a bit more room to move), but even if it pulls back, it won't be long til it's back where we are. i've been burned before trying to trade this thing. personally, I'll sit on it since I'm long term anyway... but immediately dismissing Lambert's observations isn't the smartest move.

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