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  • depakchopra depakchopra Jul 2, 2013 10:05 PM Flag

    Technical Analysis (TA)...

    If TA is hogwash, rubbish, bonkos, etc., Why does Yahoo Finance offer it? Why does Ameritrade or any of the Online Brokerage Houses have it? Why does CNBC/Fast Money bring in technicians on a regular basis? Why is it regularly discussed in Articles about the Markets (like tonight's Market Recaps)? Did you not read one of the many articles on DDD, that said we were forming a "Cup & Handle"? Did you embrace the "Cup&Handle" articles because it was inline with your Bullish thesis on DDD? Whether you like it or not TA is valid and engrained in the industry. The proof is everywhere. // I love this company more than anyone, but it dose not mean I'm blind to what is developing and I'm not going to just paint a rosy picture so I can get some thumbs up.

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    • They have it for the same reason vegas posts past winning numbers on the roullete(sp) wheel.
      It makes them money.

    • Whatever idiot says TA is rubbish is your typical investor not trader. Traders understand how the mechanics of Analysis works there are two types of Investors Fundemental investors and Technical Investors (Traders) Technical Analaysis is def not a crystal ball that guarantees the future.

      It is designed to give you an advantage over the broader market allowing you to see probablity of stock moves prior to them happening. Although its not 100% accurate it more valuable to follow then reading up on news. Heres a simple example of how techical Analysis works.

      as a trader you play with "R Value" meaning you bet your maximum risk for example If Im willing to lose $100 in a single trade I will buy an X amount of shares, the concept behind it if the stock goes down is to lose 1R ($100)(your maximum allowable loss) If the market goes up your gain 3-4R (3-$400)per trade.

    • TA is not a Crystal Ball and Warren Buffett says it's rear view mirror investing.
      If those TA talking idiot touts knew what they are doing, why then do they need to tell us, they should just take their own advice and be RICH...LMAO

    • You seem like you are trying to convince yourself more than others. If you believe in something don't let thumbs down or what people say bother you. Be confident in what you know and don't let people fluster you so. Otherwise you come off as insecure.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • l Use TA as a guide and have found it a very useful guide to WHEN to buy , but what you've written sounds like argumentum ad populum and is the fastest way to the poor house.

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      • I've only used examples to prove how mainstream it is. People were bashing me, because I had the audacity to say that we were at a crossroads due to what was happening with Moving Averages. I use both fundamentals and TA when investing. Poor House huh? Go ahead and take the opposite side of the bet. Do you even know what I said? Or did you just read this post and past judgement without having the entire picture.

    • How'd that cup and handle thing work out for you?

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      • People are saying TA is vodoo. I simply pointed out how main stream it was. Articles associated with DDD were talking about the Cup & Handle frequently. The articles proved my point. But no where on this board did I post anything about the Cup & Handle. There are multiple technical indicators and Im sure the Peanut Gallery here were full believers when those articles were coming out. If your mocking it, I guess your not a big fan of it either. You probably have a hard time understanding that all Major Firms, like Goldman Sachs, have a TA department. I guess it useless huh? Those guys at Goldman must be nuts.

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