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  • jforuus jforuus Nov 19, 2013 10:55 AM Flag

    So you think brokers do not call brokers when to start and stop selling. There is no fake volume?

    Then you really have no clue the reality of the underbelly of the Finanical Terrorist Institutition called Wall St. Sandy probably didn't clean up that part of the island. Darn.

    Right boys? I wonder if the SEC is going to charge some of you or just see if they can snare a large enough network of COLLUSION.

    Bank up!! get ready for those steel bracelets, hopefully your kids will get to watch you on CNBC.

    Mary Jo enough of this they are too big to fail non-sense, at least take their wealth away from them which they have stolen.

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    • Hey pal, take you medicine. You are ranting.

    • I bet way too many of you had stop loss orders which your brokerage houses shares with anybody and everybody! hhahahahah!!

      It is called giving your poker hand away, wow!!

      What a RIGGED game.

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      • Stop submitting "stop loss orders" in, they are not there to protect you as much as they are to help the programs recoginze how many shares they can steal from you at what price.

        This entire industry is rigged to play "the game", aka "stealing your money".

        Some argue, say "no!".

        I guess Senator/Governor Corzine found that $1.8B?

        The President doesn't increase the budget of the SEC by 4X folds to control and destroy the frauds of Wall St. because his co-horts are the corporations and lobbyists that are birthed from this industry?

        I guess SAC Capital is paying Billions because they are charitable.

        I guess CEF funds do not get a near 90 day interest free loan if you buy at the incorrect time of the cycle ?

        Galleon Group was lucky.

        Our money didnt save these POS on Wall St. and your President didn't hand over our money to them and continues to.

        Congress isn't corrupt and we keep re-electing them even after they rape our children's future.

        Yes brokerage houses are not sharing their investors "stop loss orders"

        Bill Gross never heard of "fake volume".

        Yes brokerage houses do not get hacked and such information is never stolen and sold off?

        Good luck.

        Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table. They collude upon the truth we should collude upon the lies.

      • Yes im sure retail brokers are call each other to collude on your 50k account.

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