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  • StkMaven StkMaven Feb 12, 1998 10:52 AM Flag

    4th Quarter and Year

    Another loss. Obviously this was not the news that we were looking for. Based on yesterdays action, the report, which
    officially issued after the market closed, leaked early. Or, possibly, there was no intention to release a prelim report yesterday but
    a leak of the results forced one. The interesting part of this is that the stock recovered early losses and ended with a small
    gain yesterday. I suspect that analysts were told more about the increased sales part of the story and that reassured them.
    Unfortunately, the news release doesn't give any specifics on the magnitude of the loss or the increase in sales. Today the sellers are
    overruling the buyers. Book value is about $5.80 so I don't see it going much lower. Price to sales is under one. It's sad that this
    technology cannot generate any pricing power. >

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    • As Dalroi says, in Belgium there is a lot of hype for the moment about 3D systems. Why??? Because some very reliable (I can tell you) independent analists mentioned 3D systems in their last letters. They are buying now, but it's an investment for the long term, so they say.

    • 2 insiders bought a total of 7000 shares,last week of feb.

      1st post

    • Perhaps because in belgium there is a lot of hype for the moment about 3d system

    • time is money and my eyes are always on the basket.

      any new tech requires a lot of R/D and money for its support.
      TDSC appears to have the dollars and is spending on R/D; this
      is why i picked TDSC over SSYS. the future has room for both
      -- if ssys gets going in R/D and management changes.

      the need for this tech. great, a lot of mfgs. have just not
      realized it [yet].

      good luck.

    • Agree that the next two quarters are key. Interesting that SSYS slipped back as TDSC rose. Volume on SSYS has almost dried
      up while TDSC's volume has soared. Interesting pattern too. Opens strong each day on large volume and then slides back during
      the day. It's really struggling to break that resistance at 10. I thought it was going to do it today, but it's looking like it
      will require some positive development to get through 10. Again we get back to your comment on quarterly results. Also agree with
      the comment on watching the basket. This is one I watch hourly.

    • The next two quarters should be very telling. Computer Aided Design (Virtual Prototyping)is also developing into a very
      usefull tool for reducing time to market as well as reducing mauufacturing cost. This industry (Rapid Prototyping)has much potential
      for growth, this growth will be in the manufacturing sector. Once this sector is penetrated and expolited, explosive growth will
      occur. The manufacturers of these products will first have to decide what area of the manufacturing market they have strength and
      where they can provide solutions. Each technology has it's strengths and weakness. Materials and accuracy are the key. All the
      equipment manufactures listen and respond to their customers concerns and requests.

      Put your eggs in the basket but make sure you watch the basket.

    • this is just a good stock/product.

      good cash, R/ D, and recent mgt. changes excellent. up over 45%
      since mid jan. 98.

      they have a product that will be almost a requirement for many
      corps in the next few years. like aircraft wanting to cut
      develepment time in half. everbody must keep up with the trend
      if they want to stay in business.

      buyers now will be very happy by the year 2000 -if they hang on

      i'm a holder not a broker, but analyst should be taking a harder look at this one. i'm not promoting just like it and not surprised by the move up.

    • Institutional buying today. No new news, just speculation.

    • Copied from Motley Fool Board
      Subject: Upgrade
      Date: Wed, Mar 4, 1998 11:01 EST
      From: JIMJABU
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      MarketEdge upgraded TDSC from neutral to early buy candidate on 3/2/98.

    • TDSC has been moving up. Above average volume. Early jump today. Cannot find any new news. Must be something good going on under the surface. Anybody have any info?

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