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  • bone__head bone__head Jul 26, 1999 8:32 PM Flag

    Stop placing Shitty advertisements here

    This is not a billboard, pay someone to pitch
    your shitty site somewhere else. If you want to talk
    about this stock great. Otherwise hit the road. I am in
    at 4 3/4, there is little down side at this level.
    expect over 5 3/4 in a couple weeks.

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    • vs. CMDL
      Book value $5.17 vs. $7.16
      Earnings -$0.50 vs. $1.67
      Price/book 0.93 vs. 1.12
      p/e n/a vs. 4.8

    • i will probably hold off from buying for now and keep and eye out. they really have to target the consumer market imo. would be neat to see these things in toysrus!

    • Competition to 3D? Try DTMC, SSYS, HELI, SGT.
      That's the public group. Add Z-corp, Sanders, Incre,
      Optomec, and a handful of others, especially overseas.
      There's plently of competition. Of course, if you look at
      all the stock prices, they're all in the crapper.
      Plus, you need to look at the people you are investing
      in, especially upper management. The technology may
      be undervalued, but the company isn't.

      And in
      10 years 3D has never been consumer driven; I doubt
      they'll start now.

    • to tdsc? i found one called ztech but they are
      private. this technology could have tremendous growth if
      they can bring the price down so smaller
      manufacturers, designers or even individuals can afford them.
      now it seem it is only fortune 500 companies or other
      large companies buying. will they ever come out with a
      consumer model?

      i am comparing the technology and
      the market cap. this technology should be worth far
      more than the market cap!

    • The problem with the 7000 is that the market is
      pretty saturated. Most companies who are going to invest
      bought a 500, and some were convinced to upgrade to a
      5000. It is a tough sale to show the ROI to "upgrade"
      to the 7000, even if there is a trade-in program
      (not sure if there is one). If the speed is what you
      need, then just by another used SLA or 2 - there's
      plenty for sale. The smaller layers are nice, but only
      for small detail markets.

      This is not the PC
      market where you must upgrade a 3-year old computer.
      I've seen many sla-250's, some retrofitted from
      sla-1's, still plugging away. And since the market for
      used SLA's is so soft, you can't expect to recoup
      money there either.

      So the way I see it is that
      the 7000 may be able to keep them eating, but it
      won't do tremendous things for the bottom line.

    • Take a look at its 5 year chart, and consider the
      fact that the the SLA 7000 is just getting rolling,
      and this stock should be good for a nice run. The SLA
      7000 is truly a remarkable machine, putting TDSC at
      the forefront of companies that improve manufacturing
      and design productivity, and is a big advance over
      its predecessor.

    • Frank Spinna (TDSC CFO) sold 2500 shares of 3D systems yesterday....@ 4.5 , i don't like that one

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      • 1 Reply to bone__head
      • The reason this stock is low is not due to the
        high price of the products, that has and will be true
        for some time as much of this technology is
        complicated. The real reason that this stock is low is due to
        the fact that 3D realizes that the current technology
        is too expensive and only used in nich markets. They
        have just introduced new products at reduced prices to
        capture a new larger market (the one that they really
        want). They want to get a solid modeler into every large
        and small design department in the country. Set it
        right next to the color laser printer by the secretary.
        Therefore, they need low equipment cost and more
        advertising. By selling the machines for no profit and
        spending money on advertising they don't make money,
        right? Wrong!, while they are not making any money right
        now they are selling machines and the money will come
        later with the consumables sales wich don't kick in
        immediately, but last and last. The thermojet has a little
        durability problem, however, it is not entended to be used
        to make any actual parts anyway. Just models and
        there is a real demand for this type of product if it
        is not too expensive or hard to use. That thermojet
        uses very, very, very cheap consumables and is is very
        easy to use and there are no toxic materials, etc,
        etc, etc.

        Just thinking out loud. I may get in
        here at these prices. Core business will rebound and
        new technology will create a cash cow of consumables

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